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  1. Four and half years into my five year enlistment I pleaded guilty to possession of steroids and obstruction of justice, did 60 days in brig. I had an amazing career full of awards and promotions so, with an OTH discharge, I thought the VA would view my service as honorable for VA purposes. The VA denied benefits for "willful and persistent misconduct". My lawyer joked that the since the military doesn't define willful or persistent it's difficult to challenge their decision. Here's the confusing part. My decision letter states under the DECISION section "service connection for treatment purposes only for...is granted" for 10 of 13 conditions. The next section, REASONS FOR DECISION, states the same thing for each condition with the addition of "is granted...because the records show condition related to active duty service, which there is a regulatory bar to payment of benefits. Compensation is not payable for this condition." The WHAT WE DECIDED letter says "you are not eligible for any VA benefits...only veterans with honorable service are eligible." The next sentence reads "You may be eligible for treatment at a VA hospital for any condition determined to be related to your military service." I've been sitting on these letters for a year since I haven't needed treatment for the joint conditions. My girlfriend goes to the VA all the time and brought my letters by the registration desk. The staff member reviewed the letters and said I had coverage for treatment. I registered online for the VA and never got a phone call or welcome letter. Customer service just told me it's because I don't have any benefits. Bottom line. I was excited to have treatment coverage even without any disability payments. I got customer service saying NO, the VA hospital registration saying YES, and the VA letter saying MAYBE.
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