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  1. My VA records do mention that I have been unable to work due to not being able to sit for more than a few minutes due to pain. The VA also has a chronological list of periods of illness and the progression of my service connected disability. The VA uses Social Security earnings to determine a Veteran's income rather than having the Veteran fill out the financial information. This was something they changed between 2011 and 2014. If they use it to determine whether or not a Veteran is eligible for free health care then they should also use it as proof of lack of income. The 125 days will be up on November 18th so I guess I'll find out something in a couple of weeks.
  2. I filed for UI in January of 2018. I was awarded UI in March of 2018 with it back dated to Feb. 2018. My social security earnings statement reflects no income since December of 2014. I have filed all claims and appeals by myself. I am in the RAMP program if that helps.
  3. My claim for disability was approved in 2013 (40%) with back pay to 2011. In October of 2017, I found out that I could file a secondary claim for depression as my service connected disability causes depression. I received a 50% rating for the depression and a combined rating of 70%. This claim took about 6 weeks from start to finish. In January 2018, I filed a claim for IU and that was approved in March and back dated to Feb 1, 2018. I have not earned any substantial income since 2014 as per Social Security. I do not have any earned income since 2014. I filed an appeal asking that the UI be back dated to Jan 1, 2015. Do I have any chance of actually winning this appeal? I attached my Social Security Earnings Statement to the appeal. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Mary B.
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