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  1. Doc25, Thank you for these great pointers and cases. I will provide this information to my co-worker, as well to my wife and son, when they draft their lay letters pertaining to my worsening PTSD conditions. Thanks again...
  2. Hi everyone, I have a co-worker that has family members in the military and it appears that he seems to understand how difficult my days are at work due to my PTSD. According to him, his brother is rated at 70%, it break his heart seeing his brother go through the problem (PTSD). His brother lives with his wife and 3 sons few hours from his house. He tries to be there for him, hoping to alleviate pressure on his sister-in-law. Having said all this, after sharing my background and issue(s) PTSD, I mentioned that I have a PTSD exam coming up soon. He offered to draft a short to the point lay letter to convey how difficult it is for me at work due to my PTSD. Will a co-worker lay letter help my case-yes or no? How much weight does it have on my favor? How descriptive should he be in the letter, ex. worst days observation, etc? This is his first written VA lay letter. Thank you all...
  3. Thank you for Berta for answering my Question. As I was reading my VA psychologists, doctors,' letters they both specify that my PTSD condition is worsening as time goes on and there is minimal to no expectation of improvement to my PTSD condition.- Hope this sends a strong message. I have another question regarding lay letters. My wife and sons are willing to draft lay letters as evidence of my uncontrollable/worsening behaviors of my PTSD as to how it is been a nightmare to deal with this. In order to make this legitimate, try to make this valid as possible (hopefully VA raters take these letters into account). 1). DO LAY (FAMILY) LETTERS, NEED TO BE NOTARIZED? 2). WHAT WILL BE AN IDEAL CLOSING STATEMENT/SENTENCE FOR CONVEYING THEIR LEGITIMATE STATEMENTS ARE TRUE AND HONEST? 3). ANY SUGGESTIONS AS TO THE FORMAT OF THE LETTER(S), MAKING SENDING A DIRECT AND TO THE POINT IMPACT IN ORDER TO CATCH THE INTERESTS OF THE VA RATER? Any advice from Berta or fellow members is immensely appreciated. THX...
  4. Berta and broncovet thx a million for answering my questions. I was given, automatically, by VA-SMC(s) for my 100% PTSD (pending future evaluation 2020). Since my last C&P PTSD evaluation (3yrs ago). My PTSD has worsen to the point of social isolation, hypervigilance, etc. My VA psych Doctors wrote a letter of recommendation for a PTSD service dog. I was issued a lab, currently in SERVICE DOG IN TRAING STAGE (PTSD). Also, filed for FMLA at work due to my spontaneous PTSD attacks missing work, leaving for treatment, or anything related to my PTSD affecting my performance at work with my VA psych docs support. Because my PTSD condition has been worsening since the last c&p exam, I filed for increase to P&T. I was submitted 2 pysch doctors letters-explaining worsening and will not prove. And letter conveying the critical need for a PTSD service canine. I have a PTSD C&P evaluation in the coming week. What is the possibilities to achieving P&T PTSD rating? It will appreciated if I can get some advice to make this happen. I also filed f or SMC Increase (currently rated at SMC(s)), I have been random loss of defecation etc- (currently 50% lumber, bilateral siactic at 40%each). Last VA exam stated loss of legs strength and drop foot. I am being asked for MEDICAL Doctor letter as proof. I currently have a medical IMO (former VA doctor) explaining my depleting condition with cases support. Will I be asked to show up for an exam (after having provided IMO LETTER)? Open to advice... thx
  5. Hi you all!!! I was referred to this forum by fellow vets (highly recommended) for questions that I have regarding VA disability pension. I have filed a Claim for SMC-Special Monthly Compensation. I am currently at the lower subcategory for 100% PTSD (temporary) and 60% combined. I will be submitting an IMO provided by a Doctor who specializes in VA IMOs. My questions are: * Is SMC the same as C&P? Will there be a C&P exam that I need to go to? What is expected throughout the SMC increase process request? I deeply appreciate any advice and/or what steps to expect.
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