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  1. I've been told I should look into a CUE. I do not have my C-File but I have my original from when I got out... I do not have a receipt of my mailing it to them from 2006, I wish I did.
  2. They denied it claiming they never received any paperwork from me in support of my claim. I sent it 3 different times, the 3rd time I physically walked it into the Oakland CA Regional Office. They also never sent me in for any kind of C&P. I went in for a meeting with a gentleman at Balboa in July 2006 and he literally told me "You weren't a Grunt, so you can't have PTSD, and I think this meeting is over" and I was excused from his office.
  3. Then I look forward to being able to help my buddy with his claim with my buddy letter. Regarding my claim, I was employed Full-Time and I never challenged the PTSD claim. They sent me a file saying they never received my PTSD paperwork, and when I went through an eval of sorts out of VA in Balboa I had a gentleman tall me "You weren't a grunt, you can't have PTSD" (this was in July of 2006). I have actual diagnosis from a VA Therapist and a VA Psychiatrist saying I have combat related PTSD and buddy letters in support.
  4. Hey Doc, Thank you! I am actually filling my letter on the VBA-21-4138 and it has "I CERTIFY THAT the statements on this form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief." on the bottom above your Signature.
  5. Thank you for posting those. I talked to my buddy, he doesn't have a CIB because he wasn't Infantry, but he does have a CAB, not sure if that helps...
  6. I'm actually only really trying to make sure my Buddy Letter for my buddies claim for PTSD is appropriate. You won't have to help me just yet and I can start another thread for that to cut down on the confusion. He served in a combat zone, I do not know if he has his CIB. I know one of the things he did was be a Drone Operator and he watched a girls school in Afghanistan get massacred because he was denied permission to fire on the insurgents he reported that were headed to the school. " I did put up the calzua elements that broncovet mentions to be service connected " What are these? did I miss them somewhere?
  7. I got out in 2006, I received 70% and it was all physical, I was denied for PTSD as being not service connected.
  8. On my personal claim for PTSD I've been diagnosed by a VA Therapist and a VA Psychiatrist as having Combat Related PTSD... but my PTSD Rating on the VA is "Not Service Connected"
  9. He was married, they have since divorced. I am not aware of his current treatment, we live in separate states so I only see him when I go to visit him or he comes to visit me (we try to meet up at least twice a year) I did not serve with him overseas, I'm a Marine, he is U.S. Army. He was in Afghanistan, I served multiple tours in Iraq.So I did not witness his stressors, I just observed his changes in behavior from before and after his service and deployments. The form I am using is the VBA-21-4138 form, I just copied the text from the form to here so none of his personal information was included on the Web.
  10. Greetings! I am a USMC Veteran, I have PTSD (working on getting mine service connected, but thats another issues). I was asked by a close friend of mine who served in the US Army to write a Buddy Letter for his pending PTSD claim. I'm gong to share what I have written so far, I would appreciate some feedback on any changes I need to make. My name is (withheld), and I've known the Veteran (withheld) listed above since the Summer of 1998. To say I just know him would be an insult to our bond, (withheld) is my brother, not by blood but by choice. We were forged in the same fires of hell. We met the Summer before High School and from that point on we went everywhere together, weekends and summers were spent together at each others parents home (along with our 2 other brothers - also Veterans). While we were in High School before we joined the Military (Him Army, me USMC) (withheld) was super outgoing. We would go to Tournaments for the various games we played that would range from small groups of 20 to large groups over over 200 in attendance, we would go to Movies, the Mall, the Beach, he never had issues with being in Crowded places. He always had the uncanny ability to just make every situation better and fun. He was always smiling, always enjoying himself, he never had trouble sleeping, he was an all American guy that everyone was proud to call their friend. After we enlisted and we both deployed out of country I noticed some major changes in his personality. He doesn't do well with crowded places, always has to sit with his back to a wall watching the entrances and exits, his ability to relax and just enjoy life has been stripped away from him. He doesn't sleep like he used to - nightmares, sleep disturbances, snoring, etc. He has control over his anger, but you can see it boiling inside of him. When we go places (withheld) has a happy face on, but you can see him always calculating the situation, sizing up the people around him for potential threats, and always being on guard - especially around new unknown people. Getting him to go out and do things isn't like it used to be, before it was "Hey lets go see a movie" we would get up and immediately leave to go see said movie, now its "hey lets go see a movie", and sometimes its a month before he has the energy to leave and be around people enough to see the movie His experiences overseas have altered his personality, his demeanor, and his life to a point that he is completely different person that is being forced to learn how to adjust in society without the help and support he truly needs. I hope this statement helps in you making the right decision to help (withheld) with his claim. Thank you, (Withheld) Any changes needed? is this sufficient?
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