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  1. Is it recommended that I hire a lawyer for a BVA appeal? This will be my first time appealing to the BVA. What occurrs at this hearing? Who asks me questions? Is there a role for an attorney at this hearing? Wanting to know what to expect and how difficult it was for those who've been down this road. Thanks..
  2. Thank you for all of your input. I'll keep the forum posted as things proceed. Thank you again.
  3. Yes this is a Local RO decision and no I have not appealed the decision to the CAVC. My VSO wanted me to take one last crack at the Local RO level. I assume my next step would be the BVA, is that correct?
  4. I apologize, I should have been clear. I went to the C&P exam both times and received a denial afterwards.
  5. I’m in my 50’s. This is still foreign to me, however, learning something new every day through this forum. Of course, when I was in and left the military no one told me anything the about VA or what an in-service event or aggravation, etc. meant or what I could do about it. I have been able to acquire 60% disability so far on my own. 20% Left knee joint arthritis 50% Left knee osteoarthritis, limitation of extension 0% Left knee Scar 10% Bilateral Tinnitus Hearing Loss – allowed one-year clock to expire without pursuing again -simply put, I didn’t know bet
  6. Looking for a Veteran Friendly Private Doctor located in Eastern Oregon (La Grande, Baker City, Ontario areas) or Idaho (Boise, Nampa, Caldwell areas). Attempting to acquire an independent medical opinion/exam for my right knee and for a back injury which occurred during my military service. Many private doctors appear to not want to take the time to help or get involved. Any help would be appreciated.
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