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  1. im rated 100%for ptsd. 50 percent for sleep apnea, 50percent for pes planus (painful flat feet). 10 percent for elbow injurty and 10 percent for knee injury. so no my condition for me wanting a&a is for my service connected condition. Thank you again for your time.
  2. https://www.va.gov/vaforms/form_detail.asp?FormNo=21-2680 VA form-21-2680 this is the application they sent to me. now can i still receive my 100% benefit compensation and receive aid and attendance if i qualify?
  3. thank you for being quick about responding. The VA just now emailed me an application that needs to be completed by my primary VA doctor. does this sound right? it sounds like a qualify but i was just wondering if there were any veterans with PTSD that have been granted the aid and attendance.
  4. I called the 1000 VA phone number and they sent me an application that needs to be completed by my primary doctor. does this sound right?
  5. I am 100percent service connected for PTSD. I depend on my wife to help me with so much on a daily basis. from reminding me of my meds. keeping me on track of my daily routine. and supporting me throughout my day with my triggers. I don't know if I would qualify based on the nature of my disability but I wanted to at least attempt to apply. who do I need to speak with? thank you in advance.
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