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  1. I have been diagnosed with hyperacusis and tinnitus, both of which have been denied service connection. I have documentation out the wazoo that show it started within one year of active duty primarily my last deployment. My neurologist and psychologist believes it to be related to my ptsd with DBQ’s completed. Still denied.
  2. I’m not sure what those tests were for. Maybe the hyperacusis?
  3. Acoustic reflex decay and eustachion tube function test is the name of the test. I have no idea what the hell either of those are for but that is what I had. I found a video on YouTube.
  4. I looked online at videos about that test and what I had done is not a bone conduction test. It was strange. One of the muffs covered one ear while a earbud was inserted into the other. The earbud emitted beeps of different frequencies in volumes that got much louder as it went on. Both ears were done in this manner. After the test was completed my tinnitus was very prevalent. I’m not sure if that was the intended result or not but it was kinda crazy how fast it flared up.
  5. I’ll believe it when I see it. Fingers crossed but I cannot say that I am optimistic.
  6. OK, so I contacted the audiologist that said their orders for my exam were only for severity and service connection of tinnitus and hyperacusis. I contacted QTC to see what their orders said. They stated that their orders were not for anything secondary to PTSD. I contacted the VA who stated that their orders very clearly state that I was to be examined for a condition secondary to PTSD. The VA assures me that when the proper information is not forwarded to them, they will send that information back to QTC for another examination. What a damn mess. So that means my claim will be delayed forever...
  7. I figure I’ll call Peggy on Monday to see if they suggest anything. Who knows...
  8. @Buck52 I had the exam on Nov 1. The examiner was at a contracted facility and the office had only 3 employees that I saw. The Audiologist, secretary and another woman. A real tiny place.
  9. I had a C&P exam for a secondary condition to ptsd but the examiner had no information about my primary condition (already won claim). To make matters worse, they had no idea the exam was for the secondary condition. Lastly, once I told them, they refused to look at my supporting documentation. She stated they aren’t allowed to look at supporting evidence outside of their exam. WTF!?
  10. @vetquest I was just thinking of a new claim because the effective date will be the same because I’m still within the one year of filing the intent to file. I haven’t been denied yet so we’ll see how it goes.
  11. @vetquest Since this was within one year of filing and my intent to file is still active, would I be able to start over and submit a fully developed claim again for the same thing? May be faster than BVA... Your thoughts?
  12. I’m kinda pissed. I had all paperwork that definitively showed onset of symptoms while active duty, treatment records for last 11 years all in chronological order but the examiner refused to look at it or even let me talk about it. So far I’ve had 5 examinations through the VA. 2 were very professional and 3 were pretty unprofessional. One of the professional ones was denied but at least they were professional.
  13. Yesterday I had a C&P exam for tinnitus and hyperacusis. During the appointment I was required to do a few hearing tests. One was the traditional listen for the beep’s and press the button, and one was the normal repeat the word but there was a new one I had never experienced. The audiologist placed something on my shoulder with a muff on one ear and inserted in earpiece into the other. The earpiece would beep at different frequencies and get progressively louder to the point of discomfort. The test would then be repeated on the other ear. Does anyone have any idea what that test is called or what it is supposed to measure? Thanks
  14. My final C&P exam was completed yesterday and I have to say I’m less than impressed. I had brought paperwork in chronological order showing the onset of both issues within a year of active duty and all treatment records but the audiologist refused to even look at them. These were the documents that were overlooked by the initial rater. I have a feeling I’ll be screwed again. The whole scenario sucked. We’ll soon see. Peggy says typically 3-4 weeks for a decision from here.
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