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  1. I submitted an HLR for 5 things. 3 were ironclad cases and 2 were iffy. I won 3 of 5. I would highly recommend having your evidence in hand and your explanation prepared for when you get the call. 4 of the 5 claims were closed in 91 days and the final was remanded and was finally closed at 121 days. I cant complain about my HLR. Only use the HLR if your evidence originally submitted is absolutely solid and leaves nothing to wonder. Good luck!
  2. Does anyone know if the VA plans to provide status updates for Supplemental Claims in the near future? It is irritating that all other claims are updated including HLR but not Supplemental Claims. Just wondering...
  3. I have never had any kind of feedback from my HLR prior to a letter so I cant speak with any certainty about what you are saying. If that information was told to you via your phone interview, I would not put any faith in what was said. Just my opinion. Please keep us updated as to the results or changes.
  4. Nope. It is a waiting game now. They may want another C&P exam or just want another opinion.
  5. Being that it is a HLR and the reviewer stated he found several duty to assist errors, the case was probably closed temporarily and will reopen soon with it saying error in duty to assist. It is how the HLR works. I can say that is exactly how mine went. Good Luck
  6. Keep in mind the following: If a medication is claimed as causing a secondary condition, you must remember that a simple change in medication can end your benefits (with the exceptions being severe harm via heart attack or stroke or such). Remember how the VA works... I agree with the other folks on here who say to pile on the evidence proving your claim being medication, PTSD or whatever... Just my opinion...
  7. If the C&P was done by the VA, it can be seen 30 days from the time of the exam under the blue button reports. If it is a contracted C&P, you will have to go to your VSO or such and get a copy. If you aren't in a hurry, you can submit a freedom of information act request for it (takes about 12-18 months).
  8. You should be able to see what is happening on ebenefits under disability tab. When it says compensation issue, it typically has something to do with the effective date. For example, my effective date was incorrect (6 months off) and they had to fix it resulting in a large retroactive payment. Let us know how it goes.
  9. Look up the medication side effects. More importantly, migraines are definitely secondary to PTSD and typically easier to prove. Anxiety and stress absolutely cause migraines. I would absolutely recommend you investigate that route before you try to claim it was caused by medication.
  10. Ebenefits is pretty accurate in my opinion. It does show an estimated completion date and in my experience, updates faster than VA.gov.
  11. Those documents should work. I submitted similar documents and was approved for various conditions. Good luck
  12. Yes. It took a little bit a time but as long as they get it fixed. That’s what matters.
  13. My case is finally complete. It took about a month but it was closed today. Ebenefits has been updated with correct dates so I'm anticipating a nice deposit soon. Thank you for all of your help. Victory!!
  14. Did you receive an answer yet? If still waiting on the letter, check ebenefits under disabilities. Good luck!
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