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  1. Oh yes GeekySquid I know all about the good food in NOLA. That's why when I retired I moved back home to Ocean Springs/Biloxi MS. Have several Crawfish, Shrimp and Crab boils every year here. Moved to NOLA 10 days before Katrina???!!! So your the reason It hit in this area instead of FL. Most people think it hit New Orleans but it actually hit Waveland MS area. Though It did just touch the tip of Plaquemines Parish LA. The reason NOLA was on the news so much was because of the darn Levees. I always told my people at the squadron if a hurricane is coming toward NOLA to evacuate as the Navy said to because I knew the Levees would not hold and NOLA is like a big bowl. Knew it would flood! But I loved the place and almost stayed when I retired but decided to move back to MS and went to work at Stennis Space Center. Had I not retired I am sure I would have stayed in Belle Chasse since I had been with the Volunteer Fire Department for over 16 years by that time. Take care.
  2. Hello members, Just wanted to introduce myself. I put the cart before the horse so to speak by asking a claims question on here before actually introducing myself. Afterwards I thought well that was not the right way to go about it so here I am. (LOL) I joined the Navy in February 1980 (6 months before I graduated High School) I was in Naval Aviation (as a mechanic) a total of 24 years. the first 4 years as a Reservist stationed at Naval Air Station (NAS) New Orleans at VP-94 (P-3 aircraft) . In 1984 I went Active Duty (TAR Program) and went to VF-101 (F-14 aircraft) NAS Oceania in Virginia Beach VA for 4 years. Then from 1988 till my 2003 retirement I was stationed again in the New Orleans Metro area. 1st NAS New Orleans at VA-204 A-7 aircraft for 3 years then transitioned to F/A-18 aircraft for the other 1 year. 2nd Naval Support Activity (NSA) New Orleans as an Instructor at Naval Reserve Management School for 4 years. 3rd NAS New Orleans (Reserve Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Department "RAIMD" Nondestructive Inspection Technician for 4 years and 4th NAS New Orleans at VR-54 (C-130 aircraft) as Squadron Safety Petty Officer for 3 years. So yeah I am what is known as a Homesteader! Joined local Volunteer Fire Department as a Rookie and was able to advance up to Lieutenant of 1st out pumper. When I retired I myself and a VSO put in for my Sleep Apnea for which I had been sleeping on a CPAP for over 10 years at that time. For some reason I did not put in for the other items I was eligible for. Was granted 50% disability for Sleep Apnea and never thought to put in for the other items that I should have. Fast forward 15 years and now a lot of those other items have caught up with me and have caused other medical/health problems. Have now decided to go back and put in for all this other stuff along with secondary items associated with them. Thing sure have changed in 15 years as far as applying for VA Disability. I even asked a question on here "Use a company or Muddle through the process" to which I have gotten a few good reply's and am looking for more ideas. I think as I look over this Forum there is a lot of good information so I believe I will be around for a while and if I can help anyone in any way please let me know. Look forward to meeting and communicating with everyone. Thanks, David Fellows
  3. I have been retired from Navy since 2004 and at that time I only applied for Sleep Apnea (why not the rest? I really do not know. Dumb I guess! LOL) which I have had for over 25 years on a CPAP. I was rated as 50% but now that I have gotten older I know there is stuff in my Medical record that will cover some of my current problems so I want to file for some more items but things have sure changed in the process. I have a shipmate that told me about Vet Comp and Pen Medical Consulting LLC and VA Claims Insider which I think work off a percent of your increase for payment. I have also looked at Veterans Law Blog where I can get info, books, videos and forum help to do it myself and am wondering about them. My question is does anyone have any experience dealing with the first 2 and is it worth it to use them? Or are they just a sham. I know to apply for VA costs nothing but what I would be paying them for is their background of supposedly knowing the process in and out which would make things a whole lot easier at this point in my life. I would be trying to put in for Degenerative Arthritis of spine, neck and back (where I have a stimulator implanted) and of the joints (now have had total knee replacement on one leg and will soon be looking at the other) Just had both shoulder Rotor cuffs scrapped and new metal in them, Deviated septum, GERD/Reflux/IBS which continues to cause problems and may be turning into Barrett's disease, 6 Stints in my artery at the heart, COPD (loads of chemicals during aircraft paint and repair) tinnitus and several other secondary problems. Also the last 3-4 years been dealing with depression/Non combat PTSD possibly from working with victims (both live and dead) over 20 years as volunteer firefighter in the military community. So yeah a lot going on. Again just wanted any input from you folks who have been there/done that with VA Claims and the VA people in general which route would be best to go. with one of the 2 companies that has staff? with PA's and such or suck it up and use the info on Veterans Law blog and muddle my way through the process. Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing what others have to say or have done. Have a Fine Navy Day! David
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