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  1. 100% p/t vet here in Tucson. i got terribly roughed up last year after a botched gall bladder removal at the Tucson VA under the care of a doc named O'Cleireachain. They let me scream and beg in 10/10 for adequate pain meds for 4 days... no pain meds given, no tests done.. discharged me inappropriately, still in pain again with no pain meds... 8 hours later went, still screaming to non VA hospital where they quickly gave me strong pain meds and gave me emergency life saving surgery for a bile leak... I believe the reason they thought i was faking it was simply because i have a mental health diagnosis. I also had record of going to rehab 20+ years ago for substance abuse. a nurse told me in the middle of the night as i was writhing in pain begging for help that she thought the doc was not treating my pain because he thought my behavior was "drug seeking". I also found out that the doc had two marks on his license for mishandling pain medication, had lost his license for 6 months the previous year and had been ordered to rehab himself. I think this constitutes a conflict of interest that would be indicative of his bias and prejudice against me... It was an experience i will NEVER in my life forget. i remember it every day and when i DO sleep i have nightmares about it. I feel like ive lost my VA healthcare benefits because i really cant ever trust them again. I learned a lot in the last year about the actual quality of care at the Tucson VA. They have only ONE star on the VA-IG scale of 5 stars. The place is horribly mismanaged. As well, the whole process of accountability is broken. I filed an FTCA admin claim last year but was rejected. The response clearly indicated that they didn't even read it OR grant me the unbiased 3rd party expert review i was supposed to get under the law. I tried to get some transparency via FOIA request but they are stonewalling me now for the last 5 months. I have another month before the 6 month window closes on the sueing them in Federal court. No lawyer seems to want me because im NOT DEAD and it isnt worth enough to them. Im preparing to go Pro Se but the task is incredibly burdensome and time consuming... Im 58 and wonder if i really want to spend the next 5 years stressing out about this... What a pile of BULLSHIT. wondering if anybody has any thoughts on all this?
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