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  1. https://imgur.com/a/tfxuhWp Here's the example. -By problem I mean the VA lowballed my rating to 10%. "My IPEB came back with 10% DoD and 90% VA" -The 10% is for the unfitting condition which is Narcolepsy -So i'm looking a discharge with severance pay, if it's above 30% then it qualifies as retirement -the 90% is for everything else I claimed. Did a contractor such as VES, LHI, or QTC do this exam? -QTC did my exams Do you have a copy of it and it so have you googled the examiner to see what qualifications they had regarding narcolepsy? -She is a FNP-C, Family nurse practitioner
  2. My IPEB came back with 10% DoD and 90% VA. I'm undergoing a VARR and I'm currently writing my personal statement and I can't seem to know where to start... My condition is Narcolepsy and more frequently than no,m it's always rated incorrectly because of how it's rated. It falls under 8911, petit mal (minimal seizures). I know where the problem stemmed from, the C&P examiner annotated the frequencies of my sleep attacks, but when the question of "Does the member experience minimal seizures?" she check [no]. Any help with the personal statement? my JAG sent me an example but I still don't know what to address or how to go about writing it.. Any input highly appreciated it.
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