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  1. My HBP was diagnosed well before diabetes I asked that question specifically about insulin because I was taking so many different medicines I have been to the VA for several different procedures so there is no reason including appointment with primary care for not being sent to lab while I was there. I think the issue is the PC Pharmacist is the one who does the diabetes counseling and I have not seen him since January of this year. Good thing I have my diabetes under good control, but no excuse on the cholesterol, it was abnormal in July 2019.
  2. I took another look at my medical records and I do not see the discharge summary from the hospital so that's probably why it's not listed in evidence but I know I sent copy to VA because they needed it to transfer prescription and pay bill I was hospitalized in May 2019, I was not on any type of medication up until that point In June 2019, I started seeing PC pharmacist once a month and he added metformin to my insulin and my primary care added simvastatin. I stopped seeing him in January 2020. I have not had my A1c checked in over a year and cholesterol checked since July 2019 I filed November 2019, Can't I still file the way you suggested? Yes she is aware she is still my doctor Discharge Summary 05-20-2019-Copy.pdf My potassium was low I was given it in hospital and on potassium supplements currently Yes they do provide my insulin but there was an issue at first because the type they started me on in the hospital was restricted so it had to be approved by the VA Yes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, family history, age, race, obesity, inactivity She was my doctor that had been treating me for over 2 years and everything was documented in medical records. I also have a history of problems with kidney function that she is aware of.Discharge Summary 05-20-2019-Copy.pdf
  3. Looking thru my medical records this is what it states in the notes from every visit so I don't feel she was taking time to update anything. This is what the treatment plan was for a whole year HM--anticipatory guidance provided towards healthy management lifestyle
  4. Thank you for your help with this. It is great to have someone to ask questions. I sent the VA the medical records from the hospital when I was released because they needed it in order to pay hospital bill and transfer my prescription for insulin. There's a copy in my medical records I can see it. The hospital thought it was Type 1 also because of DKA and 30 lb weight loss but it turned out it wasn't. In all the research I have done it shows diabetes is a preventable disease and with proper treatment (lifestyle change cut the risk of developing diabetes 58%, metformin use 31%). My doctor didn't tell me for a whole year, I was prediabetic, that is where I feel the negligence is, if I would have known I would have done what needed to be done to lower my risks of my prediabetes progressing any further. She should have taken action when she saw her prediabetic patient with blood sugar readings of 186 and 285. The VA never treated me for diabetes prior to May 2019, because they did not diagnose me initially. I was diagnosed with PN on 5 April 2019 at VA. According to the VA training letter criteria I was diabetic on 20 Mar 2019. Don't they look at in these terms, If I did or did not have DMII when I started getting care at VA? Favorable findings states you have been diagnosed with a disability, is this what that means? Is it events not reasonably foreseeable or VA failed to exercise the degree of care that would be expected of a reasonable health care provider
  5. https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:94b6875d-de49-41c6-a2a4-42d0a18be262 I think I finally figured it out. This is a higher level review decision. It really has me baffled but I knew this was going to be the result from the tone of the conversation of the informal conference call. She initially called to setup appointment and asked when would be a good time, I told her I am unemployed and my schedule is clear so she asked could we do it now. I should have scheduled for a later time because I wasn't prepared and she seemed to not want to listen anyway. I get the denial letter about 2 weeks later but it makes no sense as if they did not read my medical records at all. A little background info a note was put in my record on 9 April 2018 that I am prediabetic, she never told me. She states treatment plan is diet and exercise. Blood Sugar is noted 143 A1c is 6.0 Cholesterol and LDL-CHOL is abnormal We don't discuss lab results at all I assume we talk about my diet and fitness is because I am overweight and I need to work on my overall fitness. Decision states that is appropriate treatment plan. Next appointment is 25 June 2018, Blood Sugar is 103, no A1c or cholesterol levels checked. Next appointment is 10 October 2018, Blood Sugar is 186, no A1c or cholesterol levels checked. We don't discuss my lab work. Next appointment is 20 March 2019, Blood Sugar is 285, no A1c or cholesterol checks done and no discussion about the numbers. I don't see the numbers until after May 2019 because I get sick, diabetic ketoacidosis and end up in local hospital for 4 days. I have a history of abnormal cholesterol levels but not on medication until after diabetes diagnosis. I did not have cholesterol or A1c checked for over a year at the VA. Decision does not address this whole year.
  6. Let me know if you are able to open. decision1.pdf (Web view)
  7. Thank you for replying back so quickly. I already have a diagnosis for peripheral neuropathy documented in my records. I was only put on medicine for high cholesterol after my diabetes diagnosis. My primary care doctor put me on simvastatin. My doctor is from the VA. I never saw an endocrinologist at the VA. I also believe a simple follow-up HBA1c test could have saved me from ending up in the hospital. Can someone walk me thru the steps to link my denial letter to post.
  8. I submitted a claim to service connect my diabetes mellitus II because my doctor never diagnosed my diabetes. I found out I was diabetic when I went to an urgent care and they did lab work and found my blood glucose over 400, A1c 13.4. I was transported to a local hospital by ambulance and spent 2 days in ICU and another day on the regular floor. I was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis with acute kidney injury on May 19, 2019. I found note in my medical records where it said I was prediabetic on 9 Apr 2018, I don't remember ever having a conversation with my doctor telling me I was prediabetic. My A1c was 6.0 and blood glucose was 143. My A1c was never checked again in that whole year and I had blood glucose readings on 6/25/2018 (103), 10/10/2018 (186) and 3/20/2019 (285), I didn't know about these elevated numbers until I looked thru my records when I was filing my claim. My doctor never contacted me about them. I now know I was getting sick when I had the 285 reading. I had diabetes at this point. Let me also mention I had other risk factors: obesity, family history, age, race, inactive lifestyle, high blood pressure and high cholesterol all of which is documented in my records. She also has been my doctor for over 2 years at that point. I sent her a secure message complaining I was losing weight and feeling dizzy, unsteady on my feet, pins/needles in my feet. She sent a message back saying it probably was because I was a picky eater (I told her this before) and that I was taking topiramate for headaches. My claim keeps getting denied. Is this a winnable claim?
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