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  1. Thanks for the link I had not read that particular article. However, among my reading on the subject I found that there is a distinction between "insufficient" C&P exam and other challenges. It's somewhere in M21-1. My appeal window closed and I received notification of such at the proper time. As I mentioned I was fairly ignorant to the VA claim process so I just let it go by. However, it seems that in the instance where the examiner failed to follow the procedures as specified in 38 CFR § 4.77 the exam is considered "insufficient". In the specifications for CUE filings they specifically
  2. Hi, new member here, longterm lurker. I'm seeking advice on moving forward with my claim regarding loss of peripheral vision (code 6080), TDIU as a result. Specifically, I'm wondering if I should file the supplemental reopen to include EED, SC, and the TDIU? Here's the timeline: Initial VA claim in 2015 for numerous things including field of vision loss, back pain, lower leg numbness, etc. This resulted in only 30% service connected lower back arthritis, but denial on the vision issue. By 2018, the back worsened and a few other issues arose, so I submitted another claim resulting i
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