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  1. Buck, I had a a C@P from the VA audiologist. Tested my hearing and when I complained about the tinnitus, the doc played some frequencies to match what I was hearing. I summitted a personal statement and a buddy letter as to the noise exposure on the comm floor. My medical records show decline of hearing in service. Thanks J
  2. Thanks for all the advice. If they correct the mistake and take away the 10% rating, will I pay back the last years payments? Yes its not a lot, but I am already living hand to mouth and that would break me. When I put in another claim for other issues, do they go back and read the old C@P for tinnitus? Thanks J
  3. Thanks. I was a 25Q MULTICHANNEL TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS OPERATOR-MAINTAINER –M what my 214 says and what the C and P mentions, The additional MOS listed was 91B WHEELED VEHICLE MECHANIC (FORMERLY 63B) – HP I was connected and rated for tinnitus, not bad enough hearing for VA to rate the hearing loss.
  4. Hello, I got a copy of my C and P of my tinnitus exam, and the doctor listed why he thought I was service connected. Listed my MOS that I had in the Army. Ok good. I read on and then he listed and MOS I never held and stated that since I held this MOS, I should be service connected too. So my question is, will anyone ever notice this incorrect additional MOS listed on my exam and go back and remove my 10% they gave me? Thank you
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