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  1. Thanks everyone who responded. Wanted to share with you folks the audio gram test that was given to me for hearing loss. I stated in my claim that I had ringing in the ears and was having hard time sleeping at night because of it. Wonder why I was not rated for it. I think I have to open a new claim for it and once rated, I should try to go for back pay? Any help with this? tinitushadit.pdf
  2. Hello everyone, I had it! I was combing through my record book. I filed a claim for hearing loss in 1997. The remarks of the auditory physician stated that I had normal hearing in both ears but I had Tinnitus in both ears due to the shoulder fired weapon I had used in military's service. This was specifically stated on the auditory physicians comments. I was denied claim for hearing loss but why was I not awarded for Tinnitus. Isn't this an error on the VA's behalf? What course of action should I take. Thank you everyone in advance who responds.
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