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  1. Thank you for your reply. However, I feel it is unethical for the VA / Federal Government to look the other way. When it comes to knowingly and is totally aware of what toxic chemicals will have an impact on people’s health. Not just my deceased dad but, all of the other veterans who passed away from various health issues while on active duty or honorable discharged. Later, having health issues presumptive, to Agent Orange, Mustard Gas, etc., Contaminated Water (Freshwater, Salt Water, Drinking Water)an, Contaminated Soil from leaking Oil, and Fuel storage tanks. Hawaii Oahu, Redhill (Fuel Leaking), South Korea (Agent Orange), Vietnam (Agent Orange), Guam (Agent Orange, Mustard Gas, etc.), Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune (Contaminated Water). I’m sure there are other contaminated locations. The places listed where veterans were stationed/worked at whether, or not have any knowledge of submitting claims to the VA.
  2. For survivors dependents of deceased veteran (dad) due, to Parkinson Disease that is presumptive conditions to Agent Orange/Mustard Gas. What va form do I fill out to list my surviving siblings to file on behalf of our deceased dad. We had no knowledge, nor my mom or my dad to file for disability compensation to the VA prior for his passing away.
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