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  1. Thanks for all the input. I sent the form in today and hopefully I will know something by the end of next month. I am leaving my job in 6 weeks. I only stayed this long because it was this or the streets. I doubt that there is any way for this to go through before fall semester starts so I might as well just bank on what i have for now. I did not get a TDUI form with the rest of the info they sent. I am corting the idea of moving back to florida to be closer to some family but i dont know if i could handle that as of right now. Thanks again!
  2. I would have no issues with the Va reducing me if they helped to put me in a job that would make my everyday life more enjoyable. I mean, right now life sucks. I have no motivation, or desire to do anything. When I'm not working I sit on the couch and sleep or numb my brain with music. I think that if I enjoyed what i did every day and if I had some one behind me to help me do it then I would better off in the long run. I'm 25. Some days i cant bear to think about what the rest of my life would be like if nothing changed. The pills help but when its bad then its bad and the only thing that mak
  3. I got the envelope that wet with what the 1800 number told me. I got a 80% combined rating. I do not want TDUI or whatever it is. I want a career that I enjoy that can maybe reduce my mental problems and improve my quality of life. I have filled out the Voc rehab form and I think I'm supposed to send it to the RO. I have some questions about the process. 1) After i submit the form is it a lengthy process to get the first apointment? 2) How does the process work? 3) Can I pic what I know I want to do. Here is what I'm wanting from this. In the Marines I flew in Helicopters
  4. Retro is not quite right.... bout a thou difference. I am not going to fight that battle. Too tired from this one.
  5. OMFG the VA actually got something right for once. I have alot to say about this. As a young vet i have been reading the posts from some of the older people on here. I kept my mouth shut because honestly I didnt know what to think. I have to say that I agree with them. The VA rated me correctly the first time. I am now 80% total. I am 10% tennitus, 20% ankle arthritus, and 70% PTSD. They rated me at 0% for Acid Reflux. This is exactly what I expected and what I wanted. I am going to file an NOD for the reflux after My Dr apt on friday but they were spot on for all the other ratings. I have to
  6. I just got the VA deposit!!!!! I have to call the 1800 number to see what they rated me at... Looks like maybe around 60 or 70%.... Right where I feel I should be at.... I'll let you guys know more later!
  7. YEAH!!!!! Berta's advice was spot on. I mean i dont think it could have been any better. I do not have total impairment due to my MH but in the areas questioned i am impaired. I am not fighting this to be 100% Disabled, actually i would be happy with 70% with all my ratings combined. I want to work, I want to have a carreer to be proud of, but I also believe that unless I get Voc rehab that will not happen. I can not get that unless i get a higher rating. I am young and I understand that many on this site are far worse off than me, I also know that my battle has not bee half as hard (so f
  8. When I had the )% rating given to me I wasn't that bad off. I mean I was still married, Just got out of the Marines and had only been out of Iraq for 2 months. That is when things first started turing sour for me. I am service connected for my right ankle at 0%, distal esophagitus 0%, Anxiety 0%, and tennitus 10%. My chronic conditions are my right ankle, distal esophagitus, and anxiety. I have filed for an increase for these 3 problems and only these three. i have flat feet but i am not even going to start with that untill i get a rating on these probs. My C&P write up mentions PTSD and o
  9. I do not have an NOD. I have a claim for increase due to symptoms worsening since discharge. My So has taken care of all the VA paper work and I have made damn sure that the VA recieved all the IMO's for my ankle. Unfortunatly I do not have an IMO for the anxiety. I have all the treatment records from the VA for that. I am sure that the esophagitus has worsened and I am sure the Dr i see will concure. I luckly do not have to prove a nexus to the problem so all I have to do is show that it has gotten to a point that deserves compensation. Now if the VA sees it that way is a different story. I a
  10. I do not have my C-file. I found this site after I had already submitted the paperwork for the increases. I do, however have every scrap of paperwork the VA has sent me since My EAS in 2005, and my service medical records. I also have a complete record of every MH visit and C&P since I started this Back in Jan. I did not see the VA from May 05 - Jan 08. I was not enrolled in the Va health care system untill Jan when I decided that I deserved an increase on my ankle. The Va then screened me for PTSD when i decided to enroll i the VA system, and it came up positive due to suicidal intentions
  11. I have been thinking about this alot latly. I am service connected for Anxiety and recently filed for an increase. I am not service connected for PTSD. I had a mental health C&P and it was the one for other than PTSD. The exam and my VA shrink both state that I have significant symptoms of PTSD and have me on meds for Depression and sleep loss. I am wondering if the VA will either change my service connection from anxiety to PTSD, or will they Possibly give me the increase based on my symptoms and relate it to anxiety and leave out the PTSD? If they do that then should I file a seperate cl
  12. I have a claim for increase for my right ankle, for Anxiety, and distal esophagitus. I believe that the VA has all the evidence for anxiety, and my ankle but i failed to give them any info on the esophagitus except my 6 mo. perscription for Nexium. The VA told me that my claim is at ratings and is awaiting a decision. I have an apointment with a private Dr in 2 weeks and I am sure that they will support my claim, but i think it is too late. I am wondering if i should just wait till the rating comes back and see what the results are, or should I go ahead and send in the report and hope that the
  13. Im not in any real hurry, I just wish I would have found this site before i started it and not towards the end. i would have done alot of thins different. I know now what i have to do when it comes back.!
  14. So i got a copy of some of the evidence i sent to the VA, sent back to me.... i called to see whats up and they told me that my claim is at ratings..... I'm thinking at least 30 days till a decision, and I think at least 2 NOD's. I know i screwed up on my Gerd claim, but i'm not sure that my ankle claim is going to be rated correctly either..... anything is better than nothing though!
  15. I am in there system.... thats a pretty good idea actually. They pay for milage as well. Last trip for my C&P i got $75 that did cover the cost of the trip. I will look into it... Thanks....
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