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  1. kornpatch

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Hello

    Hello Charlie Thank you,I was told that this was the best place for questions.Sorry if I came on to strong.I am 60 years old and have been fighting the V A for 39 years. As far as my medals,they are stressors,someting the V A never told me. I have about 5 stressors. I have been trying to get ptsd all these years and the evidence was always there. And of course I FINALLY had a good c&p Dr. If I had more time I could told you about vets that I know well, that have abused the system and gotten more than they deserve.I BELIEVE in taking care of the veterans,and I respect them all. korthpatch
  2. kornpatch

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  3. kornpatch

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    Sorry Everybody,I jumped the gun on this. Let me tell a little about myself. I am a vietnam vet,was in the 4th infantry.Served in nam from 8/68- 5/1969.Central highlands, I have the purple heart with 1 oak leaf cluster, Silver Star,cib, vsm w/4 bronze stars,rov gallantry cross w/palm unit citation badge,ndm,vcm. I am a proud member of the "Ivy Dragoons " and lifetime member of the "Militarty order of the Purple Heart" the first member of my chapter,who helped find other members,to join and start our chapter.Was given 10% in 1970,it took me until 2007 to get 30% ptsd,fought for this for almost 30 years,like most nam vet I would get mad and give up. I am now fighting for more,should know something in a week or so. If I get turned down again, the V A can shove it.Why do I need to spend my entire life fighting? I fought once!!!! You see other vets at 100% and they don't have the medals that I have,nor saw what I saw. Or put they families through what I did, trying to forget, something you WILL NEVER forgot. Also,I never got a dime for agent orange and other people have, some do not deserve this money. Thanks for letting me stress out. Kornpatch
  4. hello clown man i have only one claim,sleep apnea secondary to ptsd. but the cp doc noted on my exam that it was 50-60% caused by my nose,sc since 1970.dr also stated that i have already had my nose fixed once and it did not work,advised to not try to fix again. anyway not caused ptsd. hoping that it was approved. all the man said at the 800# was that they were in the process of writing a statement of the case,and that i should be getting a letter in a week or so.i asked if he knew what the letter said and he said that this was the "magic hat" part.that it could mean either way. thanks for your help. kornpatch
  5. thanks Sharon,I guess I will spend the rest of my life fighting the v a .I am a Vietnam vet with 2 purple heart and silver star,I guess that means I am turned down,Fought once,keep fighting,don't see why we vets have to keep fighting. kornpatch
  6. hello everybody,need help,does a letter "statement of the case" always mean that you were denied? have a nod claim was told last week that it was on the rating table,today was told that they were getting ready to write statement of the case letter.everywhere i have read,sounds like it is a letter of denied. thanks kornpatch
  7. thanks everybody,was told that this was the best place. let me start over, i filed for sleep apnea last year in may,secondary to ptsd, was told not enough evidence,did a nod in oct.2008 and was sent to c p exam on nov.6,2008.the cp doc.question me about my nose,service connected 10% since 1970.the doc said in his medical records that " it was his impression that this patient has central sleep apnea disorder which is significantly worsened by his nasal obstruction.it is my opinion that this at least counts for 50%- 60% of his apnea symptoms at this time.this is based on the severe deformities found on this exam. my opinion is based on the history,review of the records and the physical findings." i am using the moph for my poa.he requested that a dro do my claim.i have had sleep apnea for about 4 years now. i am 30% ptsd 10% nose,10% for pungi scar, total 40%. does this mean that i may win this one? remember va does not know that i know this,it was in my medical records.have not heard from va.they said that my claim is on the review board desk. thanks korthpatch
  8. does anybody know if sleep apnea has ever been granted,secondary to service connected broken nose,had c p exam and they said that my nose had caused 50-60% of my sleep apnea.waiting for letter from v a. found this out by getting copies of my medical records. I am a Vietnam Vet.68-69.been service connected for since 1970.
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