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  1. I do not have a clue!!! I just got off the phone with a patient advocate and they told me it was standard procedure that before any surgery that you must have a dentists clearance. When I informed her that when I had my ankle fused and I didn't see a dentist then she was speechless and said she'd have to call me tomorrow with more info! I feel this must be some new rule that is only going to pertain to me!!!!
  2. I have two more questions; I just got off the phone with my doctor's nurse and she informed me that before my right knee ( rated 40% ) could be replaced that I am going to have to see a dentist and have a rod removed ( not service connected ) from my right femur. I know that I need to have a couple of teeth removed but this was never brought up when I had my right ankle (not service connected ) fused and had hardware removed and more added. My first question is since they are requiring me to see a dentist, shouldn't the VA pay for it? At this time I cannot afford to pay for a dentist ( Social Security is taking 1/3 of my SSD for a supposed overpayment from 2004 ). My second question is while all of this is being done before the actual knee replacement do I still qualify for the temp increase of 100% while all of this is being done?
  3. I am rated at 40% for my right knee. I am going to be having my right knee replaced in 3 weeks at a VA hospital. My question has two parts: one is I was told that I would get 100% disability for 12 months while I am recovering, Is this true? My second question is, what do I have to do if that's true and how long does it take to get the money? I am only asking because my family is in desperate need of the extra money. My wife and I are taking care of 4 extra family members and we are hurting financially. Thank you so much for any help that I might get.
  4. I am rated at 40% for my right knee, but in January I had my right ankle fused ( due to an auto wreck from '01) at the VA hospital in Gainesville Florida. My question is can I get convalesence pay for a non-service connected surgery? I called the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and to my astonishment they could NOT answer my question. I was told by an elderly gentleman, during one of my many follow up appointments, that I would be able to get it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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