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  1. Yes Berta i have a rep. from American Legion they are preparing a written argument in support. you know how that is. we should not have to doc. shop for a medical opined.
  2. berta yes that my remand VA did the sleep study before i file for sleep apnea. Already had the sleep apnea c&p exam don't know what the doc. said they sent it all to AMC have not ask for a copy of c&p yet they say it will slow claims
  3. www.associatedcontent.com Check this link
  4. Berta what about this a new study, presented today at the annual meeting of the American college of gastroenterology, is attempting to fine out. And so far, preliminary results from the first part of an ongoin study show that "there may be a casual relationship between reflux and sleep events in people with obstructive type sleep apnea." say lead researcher U S Army Major Brian P. Mulhall. MD MPH, of Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D. C. in a news release www.webmd.com/heartburn-gerd/news
  5. Thank you Berta i search the internet and found a nexus it's is in the reply to the denial. yes they ask for a c&p ex. the nexus is at www.webmd.com
  6. Duodenitis with Hiatal Hernia with reflux 20% Hemorroids 10% now i am asking for sleep Apnea claimed as secondary to Duodenitis with Hiatal Hernia with reflux Denied by RO went to bva now in REMAND at AMC
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