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  1. Hello. 20+ years receiving IU. Noticed that my August compensation was reduced $33.29. Any guess as to why? Sent a message to the VA. Has anyone else noticed a reduction in their compensation? Thanks, Mike
  2. Good Afternoon, My wife and I were discussing what I should do when I hit 62, file for SS or not. Although I have over a year to go, I plan on filing as soon as possible. I'm surprised I have been on this side of the dirt for this long, I want to receive some of what I'm entitled to. She asked if my VA compensation (100%) would be offset by SS or vice versa. I don't think it will be, but the only information I can gather deals with SS disability and VA compensation. Any knowledge you folks have would be appreciated. Mike
  3. September 1 marked my 20th year of receiving IU. Would anyone know if my 100% rating is now protected? Trying to wade thru the VA page leaves me a little frazzled. Thanks Mike
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