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  1. Great new everyone. T&p disabled vets are now eligible for space a travel at catagory 6
  2. Ok so I just ask my doctor for Ike which stands for what. And do I use primary care or PTSD doc for better results
  3. Ime IMO what's the difference. Do I need to get a second opinion is that what you mean. The guy stated you pretty much need to be incompetent so I just wanna understand.
  4. Is it true that you will only get a and a if your incompetant
  5. What evidence do you feel is minimally necessary. Other than the a and letter
  6. What is the proper way to request smc. I'm asking for myself and a friend. We are both at 100% for PTSD she has the statutory for having another 50% but we are both on the caregiver program. I'm on the home Telehealth program with the machine and her doctor put her on the list for needing a caregiver. I want to know how we request it what do we do. My doctor said I needed a caregiver last year and offered a and a but I was not sure what it was at that time and declined. So I'm going to talk to her about it now but want advise on how to submit the request and do I also need to have my doc do the a and a form first or what. Please advise. Is there more I need to submit also with the claim or what please advise and thnx so much. I do have a daughter that helps with my day to day and she will write me a letter. Please help me not sure what to do. Thnx so much in advance.
  7. I wanted to ask a question, I'm going to try and go back to school and taking 8 credits. I am using voc rehab but what I don't understand is with me taking 8 credits will my stipend be for all 8 or just six credits. Please advise. Thnx
  8. My daughter put in the app for dea. When I. Received my decision it made her eligible as of April but I was not awarded until this month. My question is when they process it will they pay her back to when we submitted the app or back until when she became eligible cause she has been in college 2 yrs. also does anyone know how long the processing of the education app takes, around about. I'm in the state of ga. Thnx in advance.
  9. I had an appointment the other day with my Doctor. Because of my health buddy she feels that Im not taking care of myself and offered me assistance. I am assuming this is what aide and attendance is because she said they would help me with daily activities and meds. I want to know if that is what this is how all of that works. Is that just a regular claim or does another section at the varo handle this. I just found out friday that I was awarded 100% for ptsd on my appeal. When my vso told me that he said for me to not send anymore claims in with this because they could take the 100% back and its would be hard to get it back. so if this a new claim do i need to turn it down. Please help I want to know and do the right think and want to know what all I need to send in or what I need to do to set this out to make it work. Also what happens with aid and attendance do they send someone to your home or do you pick the person. Any help will be appreciated. Thnx
  10. You're right. That's why I was generally trying to find out what would constitute a partial grant that's the part that I am confused about and would like more information about. I thought that people here on the board with all the experience here and between each person may have more insight into what that would be and that's why I was asking the question. Thank you for taking the time to respond regardless!
  11. Is there no one who has insure on this question. Thnx in advance!
  12. I did a claim for PTSD compensation in 2009 I was given 30% I didnt agree and filed a notice of disagreement because I thought my rating should be higher. On 11 October 2012 I was checking my ebenefits and saw that a statement of case had been done on that day. I later spoke with my veteran service representative who stated that I was given a partial grant and that is probably y no letter yet. Between the time that I put in for the NOD I was moved from 30% to 50%.What would constitute a partial grant would it be an increase from 50 to 70 or would it be a possible backdate of the 50% I'm not really sure what it could be I have not received the statement of case and my VSo states it could be because of the partial grant needing to be input into the system. He saw no information other than the fact that the statement of case was issued and that there was a partial grant I'm trying to get an idea of what to expect. My disagreement was that they gave me the 30% I felt it should at least be 70% I didn't state that I wanted 70 but I did state that I disagree with the 30 so I'm trying to get some of the professionals on here to give me their opinion. I'm also concerned about the fact that the statement of case was done on the 11th and its now the 30th. I know we only have two day I'm sorry 60 days to submit the form nine and I don't want to be waiting the 60 days just to get documentation and miss the cut off. I'm curious as to what options would constitute a partial grant and therefore am asking this question. Thnx in advance.
  13. I was told at my cnp exam that there was a new protocal for qtc exams for an increase. They said the mental health doctor cannot get your medical records and have to rate you based on you that day. Anyone know anything about this. He also said that they now have a checklist they have to fill out instead of the full write up they use to too... please give me anyfeed back you guys may have on this and if you think this is better or worse than before. I am pending an increase for ptsd/mdd thnx
  14. I read somewhere that ssdi and va was getting a raise is that not the case. I want to say I got a notice that it was starting nov 1 for oct. can anyone tell me if this is true or not. I am superised no one is talking about it so i wanted to ask and make sure. my va monday is the same pay as last month as it deposited today.
  15. Today I was able to call the hospital this is a substance abuse program.. thnx for the help as always
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