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  1. The Spirit is willing ... but the flesh is week! I've been rated 100% for 7 years due to being Individually Unemployable IU, and could not possibly enter the workforce again permanently. My award letter states there is no scheduled physicals so I'm set for life. Just for grins, I applied to the Census and they offered me a Crew Leader position, where I sit in my house and work out when and where people need to go. I think I can do the job at my own pace because I'll be in my home where I can lay down as often as I want and even can get my wife to help me keep it together. (Not too sure yet about the job description)... First though, I have to spend 4 days 3 nights in Tulsa Training 1st. I called VA Regional HQ in Muskogee a couple of times and was told it depends on how much I make in a year. No more than $11,000.00 OVER A YEAR or $1269 over 6 weeks. Well the census is for 4-6 weeks and pays nearly $16 an hour plus mileage. Possibility of $3800 for 6 weeks plus or minus. So I'd be making 3 times a week more but only for 4- 6 weeks in a job that exists every 10 years. It is unique because I might put in a lot of hours but I can rest when ever and get my wife to help me keep on top of everything. It wouldn't be like a regular Census Taker where they have to drive all over and walk to peoples houses etc... I really don't want the VA to even challenge me and would NOT Take The Job if there was ANY chance of loosing my benefits. So what does everybody think? Are they gunning for 'Stupid Vets' whom they could kick off IU or should I be OK? This is the 1st job I have had in 7 years and if it were going to last more than 6 weeks I couldn't do it at all. Thanks OKMatthew

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