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  1. I am a Army National Guard and Navy vet with honorable discharges. When i was in the Navy i was injured while crossing over the line. Navy USS Samuel Gompers tradition back in 1982. Some jerk hit me on the spine with a sword. Of course I filed that sword in the big blue. Now some 20 plus years later I have a knot that has come up right we he hit me. I have nothing in my service jacket to support the event, as it was a hasing event. But i did find Photos of the guy with the sword on the USS Samuel Gompers crew site, they have posted the line crossing photos. There are two photos of the Guy with the sword and one actually has him with the sword on a crew members back. And in One phote i am standing talking to a Chief petty officer about the happening. But that is not real evidence per my thinking but it is supportive. I do have a history of back problem after the Navy in local medical records. Starting about 10 years after service. Went to a doctor got pain meds and was on bed rest for a week in 1994 or 5. And also in 1998. It has got much worse now. Can't set well. So what shall be required to get VA disability is my question? I also have been diagnosis as having Schizotypal Personality Disorder by a psychologist who is Arkansas's leading court appointed psych doctor. When i was in the Navy I did go see the psychologist and also went to see one in the civilian world at that time on one occasion. Also another doctor said I had a antisocial personnality and another one said i had a personnality disorder. That all about 5 years ago. I have a 11 year gap in my life starting in 1999 till now. Just no history really none, other then 5 years in court, dropped out. Also I have delusional behavor and thinking per the records. YOU GOT TO MEET MY EX WIFE LOL that was all as a result of a divorce, she is the daughter of a baptist minister. So as I was not serving during war time. I do not know if that could be used anyway. And yes I am nuts for marrying her. 100 percent off my rocker. But hey if i can't prove the back thing, I have to do something. I can't even set in a chair right because of this back knot. Addvice welcome.
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