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  1. Hello all, I joined this site (and so glad I did!) after finding a link through Google to a post here by a veteran experiencing the exact same issue I am with the Seattle VA health care system (I use American Lake, but it's overseen by the same VA thug police). I can't believe I'm not the first to be denied access by these pigs! More and more returning veterans are needing service dogs for psychiatric disabilities, but the VA -- of all places! -- refuses to recognize them! The previous post is closed, but I'd like to know if anyone else has had similar troubles accessing VA facilities with service animals, and how it turned out. I have appealed to the Patient Advocate, the EEO office, and even Senator Patty Murray's office, and everybody seems to deferring to the opinion of the police chief -- who has never even met me! I'm nearly at my wit's end. Thanks, ~~LC
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