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  1. Fonz


    A Shipfitter Pipe. Now refered to as a Hull Tech. Fonz
  2. Fonz


    I have looked into state benefits and will enroll. Thank you. Fonz
  3. Fonz


    Thank you PR. No metho as of this writing, but mucho asbestos exposure in the Navy as well as other toxic stuff. The squamous cell carcinoma is just not on the list of recognised cancers that qualify for agent orange. But I'll look into it. Fonz
  4. Fonz


    Thank you. Yes I'm permament and total since 1988. I 'd like to clarify my last post. I and them have the evidence. It's the time it will take to accomplish the task. And I'm not real sure about all these promises that I hear and read about. Fonz
  5. Fonz


    Thank you for the link I'll check it out. What is P & T? I was told by another vet who has been going round and round with the VA for years that it's going to be rough getting through this and I may not make it cause of the evidence just might not be there. But am ready to jump through some hoops. Fonz
  6. Fonz


    Thank you for the welcome. O.K. then. I was perusing a web page that had documentation on shipboard hazards in the engine, boiler, and mechanical rooms and spaces. As I said in previous post I had surgery, chemo and radiation for throat cancer. Anyhow lottsa toxic stuff in those places. I believe my lungs and overall health was somehow comprimised in a shipboard fire aboard a carrier in a propullsion machinery room. Then further routine exposures in smaller combat craft and whatever else we did. I really don't know who who or whatever to talk to. I'm concerned for my family. If I don't die of something that is already in my claim my family gets no survivor benefits so I'm told. I asked the DAV rep and he said for my wife to get DIC I have to die of something already in my record. I asked the VFW guy about what rights my wife had. He said she has the right to be buried with you. So for years I've been under some kind of dillusion that somehow my wife would get something. So the No soldier left behind or we take care of the widows doesn't apply in my case. Just wondering. Just kinda tired of it all. Nobody seems to know these answers. Thanks for the site. Mike
  7. I posted on the Introduce yourself............twice. It's not happening. Maybe tommorow.
  8. Fonz


    Hope this works. If it does I'll post.
  9. Fonz


    Fonz here. Two exotic Far East tours aircraft carrier 65-67. Another year on ARL at anchor at Phu Quock Island 67-68. I numerous physical problems and a bit of a mental thing happening in my life. I've COPD for a few years now and God only knows what else. Throat cancer got me four years ago and did all the surgery, radiation and chemo to make it all go away. The VA was in charge of my treatment. Surgery left me unable to talk,chew or swallow. Now I eat through a tube. VA says, bummer your lucky. I put in a claim for sqamace cell carcinoma of the left tonsilar area. VA says bummer wrong spot in throat to have cancer. Anything over, around and beside the left tonsilar area would be service connected and compensable for Agent Orange. Unlucky. While in the service I worked in mechanical, boiler and engine rooms, machinery and related equipment on both vessels. Lots of asbestos and whatever else you find in those places. Fonz
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