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  1. GI 6607

    Claim Dilemma

    I'm looking for advice concerning something that happened to me lately during a C&P neuorology exam. One of the issues a VA C&P doc was supposed to examine was a claimed arm/shoulder injury that has lingered since Desert Storm and is annotated on a furnished 1995 military exam completed in a military hospital. The doc, after sending me to EMG and verifying that I have lost nerve conduction between the shoulder and elbow, stated that I definitely have the ailment, but he attributes it more to normal wear and tear and the serious shoulder surgery I had in 1985. The problem I have with his report is that the only shoulder surgery I have ever had was on the left shoulder, not the right one he examined! (I have a nine-inch scar and medical records to verify that)(the VA has all my records that show left shoulder surgery)... My other issue is that the normal wear and tear he addresses probably wasn't that bad when I injured the arm/shoulder in 1991 and had examined in 1995. Since the claim has already gone on for three years, should I let VA know about their mistaken diagnosis or use their mistake as basis for an appeal after this part of my claim is denied?
  2. GI 6607

    Oldie Is A Newbie

    Hello Everyone.. I'm new to the site although I have been closely monitoring messages here for quite awhile. I began my Army career as a scout in the infantry in 1966 and retired in 2007. I was able to stay so long because I became an officer after 12 years enlisted time. I spent almost four years overseas including six months in the desert during the first Gulf War.

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