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  1. Hi All, Just wanted to thank everyone that provided advice on how to handle my claim. I just received a letter from the VA stating that my claim was granted and that they have awarded me a 20% increase in my rating. I didn't think I had a chance when they initially denied my claim. I wasn't going to file the appeal. Thank God I found this site. Thanks again for all of the advice, Dale
  2. Hello, I am new to this site and must say that I am really glad to have found you as I find the tangled web we know as the VA to be one big pain in the neck. I am currently rated at 30% for bi-lateral tinnitus and hearing loss. Over the past couple of years my tinnitus has gotten progressivly worse and the noise in my head makes it near impossible to sleep at night. The VA doctors have me on two different meds to help me sleep but the meds are not considered service connected so they are charging me for them. Because of this, I filed a claim for Service Connection for Insomnia as Secondary to the Service-Connected Disability of Tinnitus. Here is the response I received back from the VA: Service connection may be granted for a disease or injury which resulted from a service-connected disability or was agrravated thereby. At our VA exam, you report insomnia and feel tired. Objective findings show that you take Ambien. You have memory problems and have problems with the retention of highly-learned materials. The rest of the exam is within normal limits. You are competent to manage your own funds. Your Global Assessment of Function is 70 which indicate mild symptoms. Our examiner diagnosed Axis - I insomnia. It is our examiner's opinion that your sleep disorder is less as likely as not secondary to your tinnitus due to your pattern of sleep difficulties in service. It is also our examiner's opinion that your sleep disorder is aggravated by your tinnitus, however the degree of aggravation cannot be determined without resorting to mere speculation. Service connection for insomnia is denied. Do I have any grounds to appeal this decision? Their own examiner states that in their opinion, it is aggravated by my service connected tinnitus. Any recommendations on how to approach the appeal if I do have grounds to appeal? Thanks for the advice, Dale

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