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  1. It has been a while since I have posted and it makes me worry that maybe I haven't looked enough into potential further damage caused to me even passed my peripheral neuropathy. I was awarded 50% in 2010 for a claim filed in 1999. They only went back to 2009 originally and I had to appeal to go from 10% to 50%. I continued the fight to get service connected back to last date of service, and after working with local Republican Senator and pretty much representing myself I was awarded service connection back to 12/15/1998 last date of service. However they reduced my rating which is 30% right hand and 20% left to 10% left and 0% right from 1998 to 2009!?! I of course appealed that on the bassis of the chronic nature of the illness and the fact that the condition had not changed since 1998. So my appeal is in stage 4 and has already been at BVA for over a year and I am hoping to get awarded the 50% backpay from 1998 to 2009. This process is so broken in my opinion and for those of you suffering far worse than I, I can only say thank you for your service and DO NOT STOP FIGHTING!! They want you to give up and I hope the heart of true patriotic soldiers in you push you on your quest. Thanks all!
  2. That's what I feared! Bermuda Triangle!! Thank you!
  3. Thank you, I know what VSO means I guess I should have worded it differently. I wanted to know more of what does it mean as far as processing goes? Was it sent back to my local state office, is it being decided on etc... My appeal was docketed in Feb. 2013 and this is the first change in status I have seen.
  4. Can anyone explain what the status of "with VSO" means on my appeal? Thanks all!!
  5. ebenefits says my appeal status is "with VSO" what does this mean?

  6. bucfan47

    Help? Is This Grounds For Cue

    So for what exactly did you file your claim in 1999? Originally it was for Paresthesia claimed as swolen and aching hands What was the DC code they used for this disability? I am confused when they said there was no diagnosis and then you state that the C & P gave you a diagnosis of parethisia. Can you explain? Here is the statement from the examiner report. Here is the reason for denial: The service medical records are negatite for treatment of swollen and aching hands. At the VA examination, the veteran reported a history that his han4s do not sweat. This was noted as a complaint in September 1998, He also reports that when the hands get warm fnd when he is active or using them a lot, they hurt and swell up. He reports that at these times, he has difficulty removing his rings off He reports that the discomfort will be alleviated by placing them in cool water. Nerve conduction studies in service were essentially normal. No chemical burns or injuries are shown in the service medicM records. He reports no loss of function because of the discomfort. Examination of the hands showed some mild dryness of the skin. There was no fissuring or cracking. The hands did not appear to be swollen. No abnormal color was noted, and there was no blanching. the nails were normal. Normal strength and sensations was present, and he could make a fist without any difficulty. No objective evidence of pain on active range of motion of the hand including repeated fist opening and closing. Pinch grip, finger abduction strength, etc., are all normal Sensation was intact to light touch. C&P Examiner diagnosis. DIAGNOSES: Paresthesias , h a nds . He denies having problems elsewhere in the body and this seems to be heat related. I cannot document any anhidrosis of the hands at this time. The etiology of his paresthesias and reported mild swelling cannot be determined at this time.
  7. bucfan47

    Help? Is This Grounds For Cue

    Thanks John999 Is this a separate procedure or within the CUE filing? Does it involve Lawyers?
  8. bucfan47

    Help? Is This Grounds For Cue

    Thank you! I will give them a call.
  9. I am currently a %50 service connected veteran with small fiber peripheral neurapathy in my hands awarded in 2010. I originally filed in 5/1999 honorably discharged in 12/1998. My original denial stated reasons as no evidence on record of being treated and no diagnosis, as well the C&P examiner diagnosed me with parethisia of the hands (subset of peripheral neurapathy) but stated that the etiology could not be found. I have documents in my records dated 4/98 - 10/98 that show treatment and also a provisional diagnosis of what I am currently connectd for. After recieving the denial I went to my local VA office for advice and was told I had no option for appeal as there was nothing in my records. I did not at the time have a copy of my records so ordered them but by the time I got them and found out I could appeal my time had lapsed. For years I got depressed and angry but my dad helped me through and encouraged me to try again and finnaly I was awarded but they only went back to 2009. Also I was awarded with the same information in my records that existed in 1999 just went through the Senator's office to get it done. Do I have a chance at CUE? Help is more than appreciated.

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