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  1. I was discharged from the ARMYin 1993 with Uncontrolable high blood pressure. I was never told what my percentage was until one day I was looking around on the VA website and I found out that I was entitled to get disablity. I contacted the VA and they said that they were holding my money at the treasury dept because they didnt have my new address, I got all of my back pay in 2001 and I submitted a new claim for other things. I went for my C&P and all the doctor seemed to ask was I depressed..of course I told him no because I was embarassed. They reduced my disability from 40% to 10%. I never was told I could apeal the decision and I just left it at that. Since then I have had several issues including Sleep apnea, RLS, Diabetes Thyroid Disease, ringing in my ears, High blood pressure Etc. I cant stand the VA but I was told to put in a claim and to get some help, I am always tired and it is hard to hold a job. I put in a claim and at the first C&P the doctor told me she was diagnosing me PTSD and that I needed help. I am using the DAV as my power of attorney. I have been on depression meds since I got out and was put on several more. The VA doc here says I have PTSD and a TBI. I have several other claims in as well. The other day I got a letter that consisted of several pages telling me they are working on my claim but they need more information to include what I saw where I was, it asked for supporting letters from friends among other things. By the way my last campagin was the Gulf war. My questions I have is I thought they didnt need all of the supporting information, why am I not hearing from the DAV. How long will this take( I was Diagnosed with PTSD in May). I really need some guidence because I feel like giving up, I am not in it for the money ( not apealing or claiming for so long should show that) I just dont feel I am getting anywhere with this and my hatred for the VA keeps growing, any advice or help would be great.
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