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    Sorry J, but Im not very good at asking questions. I'm service connected for L5 S1 lower back (had surgery) and bilateral knee pain (both knees). I'm starting to have more issues though and this is just one that I recently found out. As for RVN vet not sure what that is, I'm an Iraq/Afghanistan vet. Thanks for the info, I do appreciate it..
  2. I just had an EKG done on friday due to shortness of breath. It stated that the right bundle branch is blocked. I'm still waiting on my doctor to get back with me but I was wondering if I had surgery done will I be able to get compensated for this? If so, does anyone know what the percentage rate might be? I understand everyone's different but any help would be great. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Has anyone ever used the DAV to represent them, I am going to have them represent me. I was wonder how your experience with them has been? I appreciate any insight.. Thanks!!
  4. Well, I'm new to this, so I apologize if this a dumb question.. I've had back surgery in 2007 (L5, S1) and now I'm starting to have pain/numbness through both of my legs and feet. My feet get very cold and hurt as well. Is this something I can claim on my disablity? Has anyone else ever experienced this problem? I was told, that off my back surgery that they can't increase my rating of 40% for my back but was wondering if there was anything I can do since I'm having more issues. I'm having pain shoot down my right leg and up my back. I figured I would ask the question and hopefully someone might be able to give me some insight on what I need to do. Thanks!!
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