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Second Opinion

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It's a miracle!!

God has cured my trashed, VA diagnosed, bone on bone, ankle joint. That's what the private sector ortho doc stated. He pointed out the problems below and behind the ankle joint on his own x-rays and measured the 'GAP', space, opening, distance, thickness and consistency inside of the joint itself.

He also examined my VA diagnosed, 'bone on bone', needs to be replaced, trashed knee joint and stated that scoping would give it a new and much longer life.

I suppose I'll need to cancel that looooong-assed, expensive-fuel consuming, nerve racking, 14 hour drive to the knee replacement, VA, ortho consult that my neck surgeon says would be hell on my, 'yet to be fully healed', neck fusion.

Damn, I was so looking forward to collecting all of that travel pay.

I know, I'll meet'um half way.

I'll fire up my trusty, main source of locomotion, 1991, heavy-half, Ford pick-up that gets 12 miles per gallon and let it run at 3200 revolutions per minute sitting static, smoking and overheating with the busted air conditioning turned on in the driveway for 7 hours.

Pictured from our outer space cameras will show how well I'm answering my patriotic duty to burn off as much of the limited fossil fuel as possible before the oil barons in our government switch to distilling corn into motor fuel, which will be Federally regulated, which will double the consumer cost of the 'shine' that your car won't be able to use until you install the Federally approved change-over fuel equipment and the Federally mandated consumption tracking system that has never been tested and will cost the average consumer two thirds of their annual celery in new Federal Goads and Ripoff taxes, which will require new regulations and guidelines, which will have to be set up by a new 'blue ribbon' panel of experts from the Federal Food and Drug Payoff Administration.

Our veterans always get the best,


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