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Post Concussion Syndrome:

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Guest Jim S.


Why isn't a Minor Concussion, shown clearly to have occured during service, but is not found service connected, when it is now known that the adverse affects may take many years later to show to a compensatble degree of 10% or more?

Further; Why is their not a list of adverse affects that may be shown to have been the result and/or contributing factor in a Post Concussion Syndrome, many years later, for which an increase in disability could be shown?

Jim S. B)

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The best place to look would be in the world of sport's medicine. Concussions, and their effects, are a HUGE problem in professional football (not futbol). You may want to search the net for someone who specializes in that field and see if you can get a consult. Just because the VA may not recognize a disorder, doesn't mean you can't win your claim....it may take years, but you could set a precedent for vets in the future.

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Post Consussive Syndrome is an old name for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

You can find a recent VA medical Independent Study Course on Traumatic Brain Injury at:

Veteran Health Initiative

From this Manual:

DSM-IV Symptom Criteria for Determination of PCS

1. History of a head injury with concussion

2. Following the head injury evidence of attention or memory difficulties on formal testing

3. Following the head injury presence of three or more of the following symptoms:

a. Becoming fatigued easily

b. Disordered Sleep

c. Headache

d. Dizziness or vertigo

e. Irritability or aggression with little provocation

f. Anxiety, depression, or affective lability

g. Changes in personality (e.g., social or sexual inappropriateness)

h. Apathy or lack of spontaneity

4. The PCS problems cause a significant disturbance of social or

occupational functioning

Specific Subjective Post-Concussion Symptoms

Neurological or Medical Cognitive Psychological

Headaches Memory Complaints Irritability

Dizziness/Vertigo Concentration Complaints Increased Aggression

Tinnitus Depression

Blurred or double vision Anxiety

Light and/or noise sensitivity

Nausea or Vomiting


Sleep Disturbance

Physical Weakness

Title 38 does not differenciate between mild, moderate, or severe brain disease due to trauma. But, there will be no rating higher than 10% without a diagnoses of "multi-infarct dementia" associated with head injury. When I have a couple minutes I can post this Reg.

I can only find that multi-infarct dementia can mean one of two things depending on who's definition you look at. Infarct basically means a broken blood vessel. Dementia means memory/cognative loss. If taken literally, as is the case with the elderly where this term is used most often, it is multiple areas of tiny brain damage, due to small undetectable 'strokes', causing multiple cognitive areas of decline. Or it can simpley mean the same without mention of the 'strokes'. I do not have this diagnoses yet but need it for my claim. Neuropsychological testing is usually the determining factor.

This is all VA info. I have more on PCS both VA and non if you need it.


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