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Update On My Claim

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Guest Berta


DRO decision was made on Dec 14th and the claim went to the VSO desk- where the vet reps and VSOs pick up the claim-and usually for DRO review, they argue to expand and often they or the DRO calls the claimant-or they can sign off on the decision-

I have a great vet rep at the VARO- he knows I have additional evidence to expand if needed-

well he didnt call me or email me and today they said (800#) that it went from VSO to "an adjudicating clerk".

I dont know how to interpret that-

I am almost sorry I called-

my baby girl who made me file this claim in 2003 is coming home for a week- hope I dont have to deal with the claim while she is here-

I have only seen her twice since she left the mil-she is a fed now-

I actually have 6 claims- 4 which are contingent on the main claim-SC for DMII from AO misdiagnosed by VA and contributing to the veteran's death (Nehmer)

Maybe the decision was made on one of the other claims-maybe the CUES----

Knowledge IS Power -men and women but sometimes ----Ignorance is Bliss!

Now I wish I didnt call the 800 number- can't interpret what they said-

At least it wasnt "Mrs Simmons- you wll get a letter from us soon" -that reply has always been ominous for me-meaning I had to fight some more with them-

and of course my VA paranoia tells me maybe the 800 vet rep was reading from the wrong claimant screen.

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Guest fla_viking

Dear Berta.

When you sent in this claim. Did you send with it a rubber stamp with the words DENIED on it. The reason most ot the claims at the RO level take so long is because they kieep looseing those rubber stamps.

I dont know why, but our brains wont shut off on the questions which there are no answers to.

Berta my best advice to you is to take your kids to a show or chrstmass play, go have a nice dinner, and then window shop at night with the golden glow of the store windows on the snow covered streets. Find something you enjoy while you wait for the RO ruling. Occuepy yourself with a hobby so entertaining that when you do get a ruling, ITs a hassel to respond to because you are enjoying your life outside the VA problems.

having fun and living a full life while you wait for the RO nonsence, will give you a better qulity of life and live longer, and it will also allow you to fight the VA longer.

Ive had my home re done, our chirstmass tree is up, I have my kids and they are healthy. For me this is a MERRY CHIRSTMASS and I hope it will be for you and every veteran. We got to learn to enjoy the lives we have and make the VA a secondary issue in between rulings.

Thanks for your support on the posting "Im spy proof" God Bless you.

Terry Higgins

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