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How To Read The Smc Rate Table?

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Can someone explain to me how to read the special monthly compensation rating table? I need assistance in learning what all the different letters and numbers mean. I heard they range from K to R.2, but what does that mean? Also the letters L, M, M 1/2, O/P, R.1, R.2 and S?

I'm looking at the rate table found on the VA's website, and haven't had near enough coffee to figure this one out. Thanks!

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Vicki -I will attach 38 CFR 1114: this is the SMC rating criteria that the adjudicators use-

Sometimes a vet needs to fool around with it all before they find what criteria they should be in-

I never trust the VA to get a severely disabled veteran's SMC award right.

Those figures for each higher stepping block of SMC are the Monthly Rates-(they include the 100% factor)

I have two SMC claims pending-

regarding my dead husband-one is a CUE because I didnt even know that 1151 awards can get SMC -in 1997-

What I did was figure out exactly what level he was at and why- (supported with medical evidence)

The ratings have to be staggered.

WHat I mean is , like Rod, a vet could be at 30-40 % then go to 100% on a SMC condition.

I expect at the very least an award for SMC "S" award. (100 % SC plus 60% SC)

But I will NOD that in a heart beat-he was over 200% under 1151.

I advise a vet to try to do this themselves if they await SMC for anything at the higher levels-

Figure out what 38 CFR 1114 criteria your med recs say you are in-

Make sure the VA has the diagnostic codes correct-

SMC is a good way to ge snookered because it can get very involved.

An error in giving the vet the wrong step designation can be very costly to the vet.

Men and women -the VA has made countless mathematics errors in my awards-

You all know how you geta retro check and then it is hard to figure out if they were right-

Even when they sent me a long audit of my DIC- it looked accurate- but it was wrong and they almost kept over 11,000 bucks of my money-

SMC is complex- and many vets accept what they award-

but I say take the time to check it all-

a good math high school student might be quite willing to help on this-


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Berta, I'm getting an error cue "Cannot open Word for Windows 6.0 files." Can you send it in another format, or give me a link to follow?

I very much need an education on SMC. Fortunately, we don't need it now, but anticipate the possibility of needing it in the not too distant future. I'd like to learn whatever I can about it and be prepared in case we do need it.

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I have been off line for a week while driving from PA to FL. I would print the CFR 3.350 instead of trying to read it on the screen. If you a particular querstion, e-mail me and I'll try to answer. To say how do you understand the CFR is a very complex. Only time will allow you to practice using it. I have not even tried to look at sight and hearing parts. Most any other I can help with. Berta, the VA gave Dorothy Kansas a "L" rating and I showed her how she should have a "L 1/2" . The VA changed it for her.


Edited by Rich T

IC/1 Navy, 100% Schedular + SMC, Shellback, Blue Nose, Crossed International Dateline and Prime Meridian.

II Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new."

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Rich- thank you- Dorothy had an excellent claim-

Those step awards can make a big difference-

You are our resident SMC expert Rich-

I still fret over the SMC criteria- but understand it much better than I used to-

We had a vet here recently-

and it seemed he fell into this criteria- he was getting two "L" awards but it seemed they were supposed to consider that an "o" award-

As I interpreted this -if a veteran gets two L awards (no condition considered twice)

the "O" SMC should be awarded.

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