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My husband called the Virginia RO this morning to find out what the status of his claims were. They told him that they were with the rater. He was told this same thing several weeks ago. Also, not to expect anything until after the first of the year as they had a lot of people out due to the holidays. So, I guess any hope of getting a response for anything from this office until after the first of the year for anyone is probably hopeless.

Also, if it is at the raters desk, is this a good sign or do all claims whether they are denied or approved go to the raters desk?

Thanks to all and Happy Holidays.

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Mssoup -it is hard to read anything good or bad into what they are saying-

and the VA is right- many take leave time around the holidays-

STILL- do not hesitate to call them for the status -whenever you want- things can change quickly as to a status-

I got a decision and still dont know what it is----

I am reluctant to even call my vet rep-

The VA is not going to control my Holidays -

I know how difficult that can be -easy to say- but-

I remember when my husband got a terrible decision on Christmas Eve many years ago-

He threw the tree right out the door-but

We immediately fought the decision and then they awarded on the NOD.

Still a PTSD vet gets this on Dec 24th?


I think it is grossly unfair that vets are made to wait as Christmases and Veterans Days pass by-

The sytem is overwhelmed and they have a hiring freeze on-

Recently The Veterans Disability Commission said they were looking into the very real need for more trained VARO employees to work on claims-

I think vets should take the time to complain about the continuous backlog and lack of sufficient help at these VAROs.I have cmplained to my Congressman and to the Commission-

My VARO error rate is 16 %- that certainly shows right there that they are considering claims way too fast, and making errors that hurt veterans. I posted here recently that they made many math errors in my claims-

actually I need to embellish that -they made errors on every single claim I ever had-and my husbands -every single one of them-errors with the evidence, VA "expert" opinions, etc-etc etc

I have SSOCs here that I had to argue with line by line-

all were wrong, and then I finally prevailed.

As long as a claimant has the documented nexus and the medical evidence they CAN succeed.

It is just that- even with those things- the VAROs can still manage to deny-

I have a terminal vet-he just found out he has terminal cancer- he was already dealing with more than enough-he is getting an IMO and we will ask them to expedite-

As ill as he is (still in the local VAMC)he still wants to get back to his volunteer job there-

but- I wonder if he will last long enough-to see a proper VA decision on his claim.

If that IMO helps- I will ask my Congressman to intervene on his claim-just to support the Expeditious treatment part of it-

by the way Happy Holidays to you all too-

Your value and worth as veterans and veteran advocates is by far more important that the VA could ever really comprehend-

Dont allow them to diminish your Holidays-

the VA aint worth having that kind of power over any of us.

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Thanks for your heartfelt reply. I would just as soon wait for my husband to find out until after the holidays as to the decision on his claims. If he is denied, I will be the one to hit the ceiling and I don't need that at this time of the year. I've had two heart attacks and several TIA's, so this whole claims process takes on a toll on me, but I am not one to give up. We have gone through several SO's and have yet to find any that will put any effort into helping. The one who we have currently is of no help what so ever. Has no idea how to even comprehend what the content is in any letters that we receive. He calls me and reads the letter to me. I tell him that we received the same information weeks ago and I have already responded back to any request they had. If I do have a question to ask him, he doesn't ever know the answer. That is why I have always handled my husbands claims myself and only use the SO for a name that apparently the VARO likes to see that you have. I never contact the SO for nothing anymore. I just bypass them completely.

It does infuriate me when the VARO denies claims and the evidence is right in front of their faces, if they would only look at it. Several of the claims I have in for my husband have C & P exams backing up the fact that the conditions he is claiming are service related, but I bet they will find something to use to deny them. Also, both his psychiatrist and the C & P exam psychiatrist both state that he is not able to work due to his service connected PTSD. The last information they sent to us, they asked that we fill out the IU form they attached. I did this, but am not getting my hope up. He is currently 60% and these claims, if approved, would give him more than 70% overall, with one being more than 40%. I am assuming that that could put him at 100% IU.

If we're lucky, maybe we will get a late Christmas present. Doesn't matter. Some of these claims are more than 6 years old, so we are used to waiting.

Thanks again for your help and making things sound a little easier to handle. Also, you are the greatest for being there for those veterans who are so in need of your help. You have your own problems to deal with, but are so willing to be there when someone else in is dire need of help such as you can give. And, you expect nothing in return, except the great feeling you get knowing that you made a difference in someones life.

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