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Guest Berta


I have sent the VARO lots of priority mail lately-the most recent letter today asking them point blank where the administrative decision is-on my claim re: Bonny V Principi- sent to VARO 3 years ago-as soon as the Bonny regs were published.They stated in mail to me twice this would get an administrative decision-That makes sense- it is not a rating decision)

but apparently this administration has no decision makers-

I also told them that of the 23 submissions I made of evidence and IMOs only one single submission has been read so far-they tried to misinterpret my interpretation of medical symbols in the veteran's med recs-

I reminded them that a cryptology/linquist from the USAF (my daughter) went over decifering a lot of this stuff years ago (helped win the FTCA) and also I use MediLexicon and other prominent medical references for symbols etc.I told them point blank their VA doctor was wrong.

I then attached a color scan of the 23 USPS tracking slips with their numbers showing like little fans- and told VA that each was tracked by the PO and delivery was confirmed. It was Beautiful- full color- I like the touch!

My point is- if they keep farting around and don't acknowledge your stuff-

send them a scan of your proof of mailing it all----

Also dont forget a picture can be worth a thousand words-for some disabilities-

and in my case I used Rods USMC boot camp picture as a letterhead,

and my next submission will have a picture of his grave at the VA as a letterhead.

One of my asbestos Sec 1151 vets- I used a picture of him naked from waist up for letterhead to show the gruesome enormous 1151 damage they did to a hernia he had.

Other vets have sent pictures of themselves in Nam to prove stressors- Rod's dad made him burn all that stuff when he came back-said it was too gruesome.

Some vets have even sent me pix of them next to the AO canisters.

And some pix are pretty rough but prove the absolute choas and death of the war. Most Nam pix often have a date on the back,developed sometimes right in Vietnam.

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Terry-thanks- my last Writ of Mandamus -of course the Court did not accept it- but it did get them moving in 1997-

They have numerous lists of my exhibits-

I think something will happen soon-

I have surrounded the enemy with evidence- and have started to use a different approach-

my vet rep still cant understand why I didn't succeed on the main claim in September.

I am still -I reminded them again today-within Relative Equipoise- 38 USC 5109- I got the good stuff -they have crap-

On my Bonny V Principi claim- they have to get an opinion from Regional Counsel- guess I better tell them that- they cant seem to figure that out-but that is so obvious.

A writ- at least that would get me some mail from CAVC lawyers and it is always good to have a current list of them-

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