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Foia Va Reply

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Guest Berta


I griped to the VA Inspector General recently-

my letter was two fold-

One was about the VAROs violation of claimants rights and other stuff-plus they cant read-

the other part was about some questions that the VA has still never answered regarding my husband's death-

Well yesterday I got this letter from the VA, Washington DC- General Counsel-

In 2003 0r 2004 I contacted them to see what else they had under FOIA I could get on Rod's wrongful death-

they referred me to Regional Counsel up here and he notified me that the Buffalo office had nothing more than what I already have-

I did get a copy of a medical report sometime back under FOIA that I could not get during the proceedings under the FTCA-

it is just Horrible to read-I am surprised they released it to me about 1-2 years ago-

Well this letter is in response to an FOIA I sent them in August 2004- 16 months ago-

telling me they don't have the information I requested-again referring me to the Regional Counsel-

I think the IG matter might have triggered this letter to CTA-if you catch my drift-

What I specifically asked the IG about- well- if those documents or that information doesn't turn up-

it is not going to be pretty for the VA-

This doesn't have to do with my claim- it has to do with-

if the VA causes a wrongful death or causes severe disability to a veteran-

these incidents have to have a paper trail and also some documentation that would attempt to prevent a similiar death or disability.

The doctors from one VAMC are all gone, in Rod's case- but where did they go- to other VAs?

The worse thing I can get from the IG is that nothing exists to support the paper trail

of an incident report of wrongful death within the system, JHACO, the VISN etc.

What do they do-just pay us off and hope we will keep our mouths shut?

My past claims were a nightmare - but I succeeded.

I thought these claims would be handled differently-

my vet rep is surprised at all this- but he didnt rep me years ago- I am used to it.

Luckily (well I am disappointed) my course doesnt begin for 3 more weeks-

and I have time to deal with this all-

They have to give me some answers on Rod's death.

I am going to file an appeal with the OGC on this letter.

Edited by Berta
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Terry- and all

I filed an appeal with the VA OGC on this FOIA response -by considering it a denial-

you are correct Terry-

I will attach for anyone who needs, an adobe file on the Directives that VA is to follow for any unusual incidents or injuries, medication errors, or deaths - that VA has to compile specific documentation on,and follow up and investigate.

And in my appeal to OGC of course I griped about my VARO again-

hey why not-


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