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Guest Berta


Last Friday- c file etc in Director's office, last Monday, C file with appeals team/ rating board and Wednesday, response prepared to IG, tthis AM they told me that Friday afternoon claim went to Authorization-

the 800# could not tell me which claim???? I have 7-

This was one of the 800 vet reps who knows their stuff but all she could say is that a final decision has been made-

my SOCs stated that they were not decisions on the claim- so this is something new-

I forget what authorization means-it could still go either way- I think -but at least (by using some command presense after 3 years of VA BS) at least I have gained someone's attention----

And I have some medical evidence to mail today that is extraordinary and I prepared it well---but

it took time-

I found an autopsied heart in a medical atlas that is consistent with my husband's autopsy findings as to Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and associated his Q-T PRT inetrvals on his ECGS and his ECHO report of LVHas consistent with his diabetes - Last week I did this all with an autopsied brain-consistent with his brain CT scan and MRI-

Regardless of the VA - I finally understand exactly what my husband's medical conditions were-and why his last two years of life were so difficult.

There is a lot of Peace in knowing these things.

And anger ---knowing the VA should have known this stuff too.

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I sure hope this goes well for you. It is outrageous what the VA gets by with and the claimants can do NOTHING about it...well, except gripe. I'm so with you on exposing these problems and fighting their violations of law. If I can ever help you with anything let me know.

Every time I read you posts my heart is sick because your husband is gone. You should be enjoying life with him...but for the VA. I can empathize to a great degree, because every time I see my husband as he is now, I remember the man he was a little over a year ago. Makes me sick and so angry. I'm not finished with what they did to him yet either.

I'm still working through this issue slowly with how the congressional liaison sent word to tell my husband "to drop his claims or lose the benefits he has." There are no grounds for such a threat, but I'm not naive enough to think they couldn't find something to twist, lose, or interpret to at least suspend his benefits for a long time--leaving the burden of proof on us. I am treading softly until I get my bearing, and then I'll be like thunder!


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