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Hypertension, Dm2, Perepherial Neuropathy

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Guest jstacy


Does anyone have any ideas how to connect diabetes to Hypertension.

Phrenic nerve paralysis most probable cause is Pn as a result of Diabetes. Medical Opinion.

I didnt even know I had DM and I am getting additional Blood work in 14 days.

Looks like Im in for another Battle.

Berta, does this sound familiar?


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John---"I didnt even know I had DM "- I wonder how long it took the VA to diagnose you with this-

Do you have all of your medical records?

Yes- HBP and PN can be secondary to SC diabetes-

It is in their DMII training letter but still takes a med opinion-

the VA likes to say "essential" hypertension -meaning no known cause- but with a DMII diagnosis it is more than likely due to the DMII-still they seem to give HBP-DMII claims a run -a -round

If you had much higher than normal Glucose readings in your past blood work- or in an HB1AC test-

they should have certainly focused on possible diabetes.

Then again diabetes often is hard to detect and doesn't get diagnosed until someone has a severe complication of it- like a heart attack or stroke-

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I guess the DR's at my VAMC are either playing it safe or they have been burned by 1151 claims. I'm listed as having DM-II but my HGA1-C are all well within the normal range, but my Glucose readings are mostly consistantly in the high range.

So rather than take a chance that I don't get treated or checked for secondary problems associated with DM-II I get to go to special classes on diet, personal foot care, eye exams every 6 months and of course blood work every three to six months, depending on my previous test results.

So if you have more than two to three Glucose test that are high, you are considered as having DM-II, controled with diet, unless your HGAC-1 comes back high. then things can get real serious and you will need to be evaluated more closely and possibly put of some form of pharmocalogy to get your number down, but only if diet and exercises doesn't do the trick.

So far, I am lucky but time and weight is against me, I will probably end up with ensolen theripy in the not to distant future.

Jim S. ;)

p.s.: Even if you are not diabetic now, but your Dr. has told you you could be looking at it in the near future, ask your PC Dr. to refer you to the Diabetic class and diatition class. It's worth knowing now what you will have to deal with later, if you do not make some changes in your lifes direction. That way if the day comes it won't be such a drastic change and you will be somewhat prepared for what you will have to do, it's not the end of the world, just a different road around it.

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Guest terrysturgis

My DMII claim started with DMII 20%, then I filed for lower body PN 20% bilaterial, next came the upper body PN 10% bilaterial. I am good at ignoring the PN pain so I did not file for it till the pain got impossible to ignore. Typing this reply hurts my hands.

I have a NOD filed on the HBP as secondary to DMII. I've used the BVA decision Docket No. 03-37 357 as evidence and my private Doctor wrote a letter stating that diabetics have a hard time controling HBP. There are quite a few diabetics on this board that have been there and done that that will help you further with your claim, Good Luck! Terry Sturgis

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