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Advice On The Sixty Days That I Have To Submit New Info

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Its Feb 8 and I am working hard on my stressor package and want to submit it before the sixty day window is up. My question; When does the sixty day window start? I returned the letter response (certifed) to the post office Jan 8 telling the VA that in fact I did have more information to submit and I wanted them to wait before deciding my case. Does the VA sixty days before they make a decision on a case include weekdays, weekends or every calendar day? Thanks so much, pretty stressed here trying to get the package together, but I truly beleive I will make it. Prayers are appreciated meanwhile! Thanks for any resonses in advance!

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They seem to count 60 days from day they mail the decision including weekends-

I would not hesitate to make sure this is done on time-

Make sure you send it Certified or Priority mail- I use Priority and pay extra for a tracking slip- then I go to the USPS web site and track it and then print out the USPS receipt showing it was delivered.

I spend about 50 bucks or more a month sending my evidence to them priority mail,with priority copies to both of my vet reps. (I take no chances.)

It could still in a mailroom for some time- they told me the mailroom at Buffalo is three weeks behind.

I had to send them an I-9-they said they would accept something else I had sent as a formal appeal but I didnt go for that at all-

I mailed it Monday and they got it into the appeals team by Thursday AM- I was surprised it didnt sit in the mailroom for a while but it is your receipt of mailing that proves when you sent it-not how long it sits there.

The I-9 - that was FUN!

The NVLSP suggests stating that you state that you preserve for appeal and take exception all errors, legal and factual in their application of M21-1 , 38 CFR, etc etc-.

Specifically state WHY you are appealing their decision to the BVA-

If they didn't consider your evidence Tell them-

If their C & P doctor's rationale was faulty Tell them why-

If they failed to obtain information they said they would -Tell them-

Tell them exactly why you should receive a favorable decision on your claim.

And by all means, if they (VARO)failed to send you a VCAA letter TELL THEM.

I couldn't wait to add that to my appeal.

I typed my apeal to fit onto the I-9 form- cutting it and then taping it, and copying it unto the form.

I added more pages but made sure each page was stated like 2 of 5 , 3- of 5 , etc.

Sounds like a lot- but it was necessary for my claim.-Actually it was 2 claims issues.

One of them -I told the BVA is rendered moot by subsequent evidence I received which then generated a CUE claim from me on that same issue. I specificlly told VARO quite some time ago that the initial claim on this issue is moot-If VARO had read my claims they would have know that.

They are "working" on this CUE now -so they say- and should not have put the initial issue on appeal.

I will try to post the reference to NVLSP as to the 'exception' statement later today-

I have about 3 feet of VA files and stuff to go through- they are issuing me 3 VCAA letters but I do not think I ever got any for the two claims I filed in 2003 that they are supposedly working on.

They have violated many of my basic rights-which I have pointed out to the Director-

I am now wondering if the lack of sending VCAA letters is also a violation of our rights because

all of a sudden I am getting three on claims filed in 2004.

Do you all get these VCAA letters when you file your claims?

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