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What Form Should I Use? I Am Onfused By Ptsd And 1151?

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hrodeo: Not knowing what you have done thus far, I recommend that you go to our other sight and look through all the information their that may be of help. Their are quite a few things you may want to do first, before applying, but you do not want to wait to long if you are just out of the service.

Do you have a diagnosis of PTSD?

Do you have your Stressor letter writtne?

Do you have supporting documentation for your stressor?

Do you have a copy of all your Service Medical Records?

Do you have a copy of all your Service Personel Files?

As to other health issues, I would go over my Service Medical Records with a fine tooth comb, and then get an IMO on all the health issues you had in the service and their statis now, or if they may become a problem later in life.

Keeping records of anything medical will be a new montra in your life from now on. Make sure all hand sritten document are then type up and signed by the Dr who wrote them. I've found that hand written reports, tend to fade with time and if a copy is hard to read, having a typed copy would be better.

You will find all the forms you will need on our other sight and should you need anything else, just ask here and you will more likely than not, get it Also, this is another Montra for you. All problems you want service connected must have this within the diagnosis. Case in point.

You broke you foot in service, but it posed no problem now, Later in life your foot develops arthritis. the Dr's report should read, the Arthritis is more likely than not caused by his broken foot in service. This a semplafied statement, but you should get the point. Also you would want to get the broken foot SC along with the PTSD, so that any later problem associated with the broken foot or PTSD will be SC also.

You'll want to get everything you can SC, even at 0% and even if you have to appeal. Then any problems that arise from that SC problem will be that much more easier to SC also and should SC problem start to get worse itself, it will be easier to apply for an increase in severity.

Anyway, alot of information I have touched on is on the other site.


Best wishes and after checking out our other site, and you still have questions, just ask here and we will be their to answer if we can or direct you on where and how to get it.

Jim S. :lol:

Edited by Jim S.
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Thanks Jim, yes I have service documentation; police reports; medical records and some copies of my personell military correspondence for humanitarian reassignement; however I do not have a complete Service Personnel Files. As a previous widow, I believe I may need a copy of my deceased husbands file as well. thanks for the heads up. Now I need to double check on the PTSD diagnosis, i have been going to the VA for counseling, my husband does understand that I should attend a private doctor to verify the same. Although nearly exhausted from rehashing the stuff, I am encouraged by the support here.

Now I will give you a smile. As part of my out processing, my regular retirement "physical examination" was accomplished while I was very roundly pregnant! I always think thats a hoot myself! Again, thanks and like Columbo.....

one more question? Is it okay if I apply for PTSD now and more medical connections seperately (back getting worse, cardio concerns) ; or do I need to learn how to add those into PTSD for complete attention?

Thanks again, I am going to make it through this with continued inspiration from all the vets here!

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