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Va Medical Created Hiv And Hepatitis C

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VA Medical Created HIV and Hepatitis C

Through one of our group members I was contacted to call CBS news in Washington; I think it is from the phone number.

The request was for anyone that has developed HIV or AIDS from the lack of properly cleaning the colonoscopy equipment at the VA Hospitals to contact CBS.

Please... if you know of someone have them contact:

Ms. Betty Chin at BC2@cbsnews.com

Please pass this along to your groups.

I also am continuing to work on my response but have had other study and study analysis sent to me and thought they were important enough to call your attention to these.

The first one is:

How Scientists View Causality and Assess Evidence: A study of the Institute of Medicine’s Evaluation of Health Effects in Vietnam and Agent Orange. By Irva Hertz-Picciotto, Ph.D, M.P.H.

This is posted at:


This pretty much concludes that depending on what side of the fence you are on as an epidemiologist you can deny or accept anything; depending on who is footing the study bill or favors in return.

It really does not say how the IOM does what it does and how that process is controlled without outside bias or self imposed constraints; or how management is involved in the recommendations. It also, other than we can assume that the scientists some how subjectively just raise their hands in a vote, does not define the real process. It talks about what some scientist do and other scientists do this and consider this and issues as that. Nice but does not tell the stakeholder how in the world the IOM Veterans/Widows jury decisions are made. Especially when we know and I have documented IOM comes out and says yes we know they found this and that but they did not find this so it is not associated. Yet, according to the official RH transcripts they did find the particular piece of the medical puzzle. It just so happened, it was either not published in the reports or it was taken out before publishing the results. Which we know from Congressional testimony did happen. Even to the point of changing concluding medical statements by the study scientists themselves that should have been published.

But I do not think anyone is surprised by this.

The second one is:

Health Risks from Dioxin and Related Compounds Evaluation of the EPA Reassessment

This is located at:


It takes some time to download as it is quite long.

It is just mindboggling in its implications of what they actually know regarding dioxins and have so stated and admitted and still we are denied by as one Veteran suggested the bozos at VA who work for the defendant. I guess all this toxicology stuff only applies to civilians who have never worn the uniform of Military Service. Much of it I along with many toxicologists have been saying all along. Especially on the immune system damages which would explain many of the medical difficulties of Veterans exposed. One of our groups that sent it to me said he would walk from the West Coast to DC if he thought someone would listen. I can assure all of you no one inside 495 is listening and has not been listening for at least 42 years; not for Veterans.

When you read the above document look at all the scientists that reviewed this and the conclusions and yet we are still denied the simplest of a constitutional right. That also it seems is reserved by Congress for our enemies and terrorist.

Also when I explained one of our simple solutions to the backlog of claims issues and how one Veteran is approved and the other denied when they have the same thing and served in the same area or even in the same unit and even the same time it made no legal sense. The comment was, that is insane or similar. Yet, our Congress continues to let this go on and on by VA and we elect these same folks in our congress time after time that are supposed to defend their constituents from government wrong doing. That makes no sense to me but Veterans continue to do so with these same officials.

Anyway, please pass along that information and contact information if you know of any Veteran or I guess even a spouse or offspring that might be in that category of the VA AIDS/HIV victim.



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