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Guess what rating increase lumbar cervical spine

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V I man


I am rating 40% for 20 cervical with findings of degenerative arthritis and narrowing disk spaces C2-C3 through C5-C6, 10% low back condition residuals of back injury, 10% idiopathic urticaria exam 07July 2016.File

Appeal Pending - Substantive Appeal

VA has received your Form 9 and will begin completing final actions regarding your appeal before it is sent to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals.

13 may 2016 would appreciate any suggestion if possible  regarding rating increase. SC since Nov 1992 unemployable due SC Sept 2006. Examination In-person exam Was the Veteran's VA claims file (hard copy paper e-file reviewed? yes Spinal fusion Z98.1 2006 Other specify right Lower Extremity sensory neuroapathy g62.9 1/6/2015 .Medical History Onset of the Veteran's condition was in 1990. veteran was working as a rigger aboard ship moving heavy equipment. The following morning he had sharp pains in his back, no feeling in feet and was unable to get out of bed the overall condition of his back ha continued to deteriorate. Veterans currently has neck pain, shoulder pain radiating down left arm numbness of ring finger, electrical shock sensation of left forearm, numbness of buttocks and feet sharp pain in lower back, and loss of balance. the Veteran's treatments include l5-s1 decompression in 2006 IMPLANT NEURO TEN unit in 2013 and Posterior Laminecotomy in T9

MRI Lumbar Spine 8/22/2012

MRI Cervical Spine  10/8/2012

Does the veteran report flare-up of the Thoarocolumbarr Spine? Yes

IF yes document the Vetran's description of the flare-up in his or her own word.

pain so bad that he cannot walk or stand,gets in and out of bed trying to get comfortable. Oftentimes unable to tie shoe laces or pull up pants

Does the Veteran report having any functional loss or functional impairment of the Thoarocolumbar Spine (back) ( regardless of repetitive use? Yes.

If yes document the Vetran's description of functional impairment in his or her own words.

Sometimes he cannot lift bend over, carry go up or down steps.

Initial ROM measurement

Abnormal or outside normal range

Forward Flexion (0-90) 30 degrees

Extension (0-30) 5 degrees

Right Lateral Flexion (0-30) 20 degrees

Left Lateral Flexion (0-30) 20 degrees

Right Lateral Rotation (0-30) 10 degrees

Left Lateral rotation (0-30) degrees 10

If abnormal does the range of motion itself contribute to a functional loss? Yes

If yes, please explain.

He cannot lift bend over carry go up down steps; cannot turn to look behind

Description of Pain

Pain noted  on examination and, causes functional

If noted on examination which ROM exhibited pain Extension,right Lateral Flexion, Left Lateral Flexion

I  sthe objective evidence of localized tenderness or pain on palpation of the joint or associated soft tissue of the Thoarocolumbar Spine (back)? Yes

If yes describe including location severity and relationship to condition.

Location Par spinal lumbar

Severity Moderate/Servere

Relationship(s) Spasm, guarding, and tenderness due to scarring and fibrosis from previous surgical procedures

Is there evidence of pain with weight bearing? Yes

Is the Veteran able to perform repetitive-use testing with at least three repetitious? No

Is the veteran being examined immediately after repetitive use over time? NO

The examination is medically consistent with the Veteran's statements describing functional loss with repetitive use over time.

Does pain weakness fatigability, or incoordination significantly limit functional ability with repeated use over a period of time?

Unable to say without mere speculation

Does the Veteran have guarding or muscle spasm of the Thoarocolumbar Spine? Yes

Resulting in abnormal spine contour

Provide description and/or etiology of muscle spasm

Par-spinal muscle spasm due to scarring, fibrosis, and pain which are residual of surgery, lminectomty and fusion.

Less movement than normal

Weakened movement

Disturbance of locomotion

Interference with sitting

Inference with standing

Straight Leg Raising Test

Right leg Positive

Left leg Positive


Constant right lower extremity Moderate

Left lower extremity Moderate

Intermittent negative none both legs

Parrasthesins and/or   dynesthesia

Right lower extremity Mild

Left lower extremity Mild


Right lower extremity Mild

Left lower extremity Mild

Does the veteran have any other signs or symptoms of radiculopathy? No

Other nerves involved


Right Moderate

Left Not affected

Does the veteran have IVDS No

Assistive Devices

Cane constant

Motorized cart



LUMBAR Length 12.5 cm width 0.5 cm


Have imaging studies of the Thoracolumbar Spine? Yes

If yes is arthritis documented? No

Does the Veteran have thoracic vertebral fracture with loss of 50 percent or more of height


Are there any other significant diagnostics test finding or results? Yes

EMG 5/23/2016 radiculopathy and mild sensory neuropathy for median and ulnar nerves, left arm

EMG 1/5/2015 Parispinal neural sensory neuropathy right sural and peroneal nerve

Does the Veteran's Thoracolumbar Spine conditions impact his or her ability to work? Yes

If yes describe the impact of each of the Veteran's Thoracolumbar Spine conditions providing one or more examples.

He cannot work because he cannot lift bend over carry or go up or down steps. He is unable to sit or stand for more than a few minutes at a time.


A progression and correction of the veteran's service connected diagnosis to Right Lower Extremity sensory neuropathy and Spinal Fusion

Please provide a rational to support your opinion.

To be more accurate of the veteran's back condition. The vertan has developed upper and lower extermity radiculopathy and these, are progressive extension of his thoracolumbar disease.

Third Class Petty Office  Thank ever so much for update information pertaining to this complex requesting rating increase..


















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