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Howdy Comrades,

I'm back.

Actually never left.

Everyone is different so don't take any of this as medical advise.

The problem, Fibromyalgia and PTSD and Osgood-Schlauters and everything

that comes with those different disorders.

Except for female problems.

Let's start with PTSD.

This does some weird and terrible things to your body, mostly endocrine stuff.

Fibromyalgia is a secondary syndrome that takes off after a stressful event.

PTSD begetts Fibromyalgia.

All of the extra war hormones running around inside the body throws

everything outa wack.

Let's talk thyroid.

The thyroid gland gets input that adjusts the output from a brain place, kinda

like the lizard brain.

We have no control over what goes in or out except to take more of what we

really need or try to limit what we have to much of.

MD type doctors will tell ya that the thyroid STIMULATOR HORMONE value is the

only test ya need to determine if the thyroid is working properly.


Think this over,

the thyroid gland works because the thyroid stimulator hormone tells it to.

Simple huh?

However, if your body had enough thyroid hormone in it the thyroid stimulator

hormone would not be present.

Therefore, if the stimulator homone is present, your body needs more than the

thyroid gland is currently putting out.

It's easy to tell if the thyroid hormone is actually low.

A low temperature with high blood pressure and high blood fat values are a good

combination that spells out thyroid problems, you might need somemore thyroid


The bad part?

Taking A thyroid supplement does not cure PTSD.


the thyroid supplement can help to lessen the fibromyalgia symptoms.

When you feel a little better, everything feels better.


My VA shrink is prescribing my thyroid hormone supplement.

Armour Thyroid, 180 mg.

Synthroid sucks.

When I stop getting lost and learn how to cook again and sign my name again

I'll let ya know.

But, for now - getting up in the morning without using my cane is something

to crow about.

I keep trying to put on my wife's jeans too.

But her's are to big.

How many cans of Pepsi can you open before finishing one?

How many smokes can you light-up before ya finish one?

Which pills do I take at 3pm?

What's a cake pan look like?

No sledge, the cups are in the left cabinet, the plates are on the right.

Does the car have a CD player or is it the truck?

Does the car start ok if the lights are on all day while sitting in the driveway?

Opps, forgot to get more distilled water for the CPAP humidifier.

I wish that kid in the corner would stop moving while I'm watching TV.

That little guy in black holding a gun.

Where and when did I learn that Asian language that I speak in while I sleep?



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