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ACE Exams - How Long Does It Take To Advance a Claim?

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Max Rommel


I ask questions on this forum from time to time for two of my Vietnam vet, AO disabled brothers. One recently filed a new presumptive illness claim (cancer) and as part of the Evidence Gathering phase was told there would be an ACE exam. That was exactly three weeks ago. Since then he's heard nothing. The VA website still shows as Evidence Gathering. We have submitted online all of his medical reports, biopsies etc, so on this end we are just waiting for the VA to take the next step. Any idea on how long we should wait before we contact them (800 number) and ask if there is a delay?

Thanks in advance for your advice and assistance.


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I recently underwent two separate ACE exams from Optum Serve (LHI) for revaluation of my 60% Agent Orange Nam heart disease and within two weeks or less the VARO notified me by regular mail decision that my 60% rating would continue unchanged.

Both records ACE exams conducted by NP examiners.  I suspect the VA raters wanted to reduce my BVA approved increase to 60% but no joy for the chicken chit raters.


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Thanks Patron for your response. The VA advised my brother that an Optum nurse practitioner in Oklahoma would be conducting his ACE exam. Because the biopsy is positive for an Agent Orange cancer (he's already at 100% for an earlier cancer), the VA raters probably won't have a choice and will have to grant him the award.

I'll let my brother know that he can probably expect a letter any day now.


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