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sleep apnea claims

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About 2 years ago, I filed a sleep apnea claim as secondary to my CAD (60%) and my tinitus(10%). I submitted my  private Doctors report from 2010 with the diagnosis. My VA primary had advised me in 2010 to have a test and go to therapy for possible PTSD.  I did go to counseling but didn't file a claim then as I was still employed and leery about the reaction if known.The sleep apnea DX results were provided to the VA at that time and I then received a CPAP machine, etc. The DX results included my Doctor's opinion that my PTSD, heart conditions, possible excessive drinking (more than one a night) could have caused my sleep issues.  Subsequently, in 2022 I filed a claim and included an opinion letter from ".Dr. Anaise" which opined that my sleep apnea was more likely than not caused by CAD and tinitus. I was quickly denied and appealed. The Judge denied my appeal due to his reviewer suggesting that it could also be caused by excessive drinking as referenced in the DX. No mention of Dr. Anaise's opinion letter. I now understand he as well as several "opinion writers" are on the VA's shit list.

This past summer I finally submitted to a C & P for a PTSD claim. 60 days later they rated me at 50%. I have now filed for sleep apnea again providing documentation both from the VA and the original diagnosing Doctor suggesting that PTSD is a causative factor of my sleep apnea.  My question is if I am denied again, while I will appeal, I am also wondering if excessive drinking is a possible secondary condition to PTSD and worth filing a claim for SMC. If it were and granted to me, then the VA will have run out of reasons to deny a sleep apnea claim. Probably wishful thinking but any comments, information?



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In 2019 Dr. Anaise medical nexus opinion helped me to receive 50% osa sleep apnea due to long term sc ptsd and strong VA ptsd medications on appeal to bva.

Also his second nexus letter helped me get increase to 60% for my AO heart disease from bva.  He is outstanding in winning claims and appeals for deserving vets.  


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