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  • The Wait: Are you a VA Claims Waiter?

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    The wait begins for many of us as soon as we start considering filing a claim. For others, it begins when they file a claim or talk to a service officer.

    Don't let the wait for your claim become the weight that you carry.

    The wait then becomes the weight, and there it sits on you. The wait is damn near unbearable for many, exacerbating many of our symptoms. Don't even get me started on "triggers."

    I say, "Don't Let Being A Waiter Turn You Into A Hater," for your protection.

    waiting-frustration.jpegThe VA will piss you off sometimes routinely, sometimes randomly. I truly believe they could piss off the Pope. You can get a hate on that may last for days. This is unhealthy for you and is no way to fight a battle. Hey, don't get me wrong, I've been there, and I believe there's nothing wrong with justifiable outrage heck that helped spur me to create HadIt.com. So work hard not to carry that anger/hate with you daily. It will eat away and weaken you, and you need your strength.

    If someone pisses you off at the VA: You can get angry, not belligerent, not combative. Just let the emotion fade from the incident as soon as you can. It depletes your resources and your strength. You will need both for bigger battles.

    Don't have a blog. It's easy to start and free, you can start one right here at HadIt.com, and there, ladies and gents, is where you can express yourself. You can stay calm and pay attention to everything that is said, who says it, and why it makes you angry as you plan your blog post for later that day.

    Another Tip that helps me.

    When waiting and waiting and waiting at the VA, I think, "I like pie." Then I carry on a conversation in my head about all the different pies I like. For some reason, when I think about pie, it seems to lower my blood pressure.

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