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  1. Hadit Hadit

    I did not discover that till much later. I had just had it!
  2. IU granted!

    @broncovet Wonderful News!!!! Congratulations, that was a long battle. I am very happy for you.
  3. @Bohnamvet26 Welcome Aboard, you can purchase an ad free subscription here if you like https://community.hadit.com/store/ We understand your anxiety. The rater will have access to everything in your C-File, it's impossible to try and figure out how you will get rated, however you have somethings going for you. You were accepted into the service as fit for duty so whatever pre service adjustment disorder you had must have resolved itself before you joined the service. They may conclude that you were predisposed to adjustment disorder but nonetheless the adjustment disorder you are currently claim had it's roots in service. I could be wrong and I hope others opine.
  4. We say "Peggy" a lot but we really mean the 1-800-827-1000 # for VA.
  5. Perhaps they granted you Unemployability but play it safe call 800-827-1000 and make sure to get clarification because as @Buck52 says they will take it back if it's a mistake. If it's not a mistake and they granted you Unemployability congratulations.
  6. terrified about this

    @deerdown the examiner can make the diagnosis, so don't worry about that. also I would imagine the c and p examiner will have no problem believing men can be raped. Sadly it's not as rare as it should be. Be honest, don't try and be strong, just be honest and let all the ugly show. The c and p examiner is making a decision about your symptoms and diagnosis, the examiner is not there to judge or demean you. Answer their questions as completely as you can, take your time. Check out these videos
  7. @shipdog7Congratualtions - Outstanding - Here's to a long and happy life, I hope this makes things easier for you and you can really enjoy your life.
  8. I am so glad you prevailed in your claim and yes, just because other people are getting screwed worse does not mean you aren't getting screwed to. I hear and feel your frustrations, hell I started HadIt.com out of my frustration and need to make it easier for my brothers and sisters coming behind me. I do take exception with your comments about the MST claims. First, I would like to say it hurts all men and women who have suffered sexual assault when anyone makes false claims. However, I can say for sure you do not know what the individual went through, these types of assaults are rarely witnessed by anyone. The brutality and theft of personal security is something that for many they can never get back. No matter how many benefits they get, the fight to get those benefits to constantly tell the story sometimes in excruciating detail over and over again for compensation is a humiliation that leaves its own mark. Please don't put all MST folks in the same boat. It does a disservice to your brother and sisters who have suffered this trauma.
  9. C&P for Migraines

    with less than frequent attacks seems to be language that will determine a higher or lower rating. 'less than frequent attacks" seems like it would be rated at a lower percentage than frequent attacks. I hope some others jump in and help us out here.
  10. C&P for Migraines

  11. C&P for Migraines

    @Bobalou It sounds like language from 38 CFR 4 Schedule for Rating Disabilities
  12. when paid retroactively you receive the amount it was paying for each separate year for example 10% paid less in 1997 than it did in 2007 See this chart https://www.hadit.com/va-disability-compensation-rates-historic-for-retro-calculation/
  13. @MikeHunt I can be a tad dark :-)