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  1. i meant with the Voc Rehab counselor and picked up the paperwork I had to drop it off at my doctors office, if she approves the items then they will provide them. I have zero confidence in the big things a zero gravity workstation and a scooter. I could be wrong but I'm not feeling it, looks like I'll get a sock donner, some grabbers and other items like that. So it will probably be another few months before I know anything, regardless wish me luck. I will say they were super nice and helfpul with all my questions, i could call and talk with my counselor.
  2. Try calling prosthetics directly and see if they give you the details on the process.
  3. Some service dog organizations have dogs that are trained and given freely to veterans. My service dog was funded by a grant by Boeing and they earmarked the money for 2 veterans and I was lucky enough to be one. That was Duo Dogs in St Louis but there must be other organizations around the country that do the same thing. I recommend calling around to places that train service dogs and see if any of them have grant programs.
  4. i have looked at that, but want to wait till i'm in my next home since i can only use the entitlement once. we are hoping to buy in 2 years, unless i win a big scratch off LOL.
  5. I applied for ILP and had the contractor out to my home, unfortunately a lot of stuff they can do for me I have to wait till I get to my permanent living situation, I should only be here for about 2 years. However, they said if I can get my doctor to sign off on new reclining desk and chair than we can move forward. I've only seen this new doc once so I don't know how she will be with that. I want the reclining desk so I can keep my legs elevated due to the lymphedema, I'm on the computer for long hours and need to find a long term solution for my legs. I have to alternate between keeping my legs elevated and standing up which is a bit more challenging. I don't feel very hopeful about getting the doc to sign off on a desk and chair, but maybe i'll be wrong.
  6. no drop foot here. my knees are going out and need replacements in about a year. i have lymphedema in my lower legs and have to wear wraps and use a compression machine. but since this is for ptsd i don't think they will care about the physical stuff going on with me. my niece and home health aide help me remember to take my meds, my niece drives me where i need to go my anxiety got so bad i had to stop driving. I basically just go to doctors appointments and haircuts. very agoraphobic, they do my laundry, keep my house clean and lay out my clothes and make sure i remember to change clothes as sometimes i just kind of zone out for days and i go through the motions but not really there. my niece does all my grocery shopping, managing my appointments and taking me there. currently what Alex often refers to as bent brain syndrome in PTSD cases, though right now mine brain feels a bit pretzeled. my niece, me, cinder and my home health aide are a great team and keeps me going. we all do our part and because of that help i can do work on the site at least a little bit each day, some days i have insomnia or night terrors and i can get up and work on the site and that helps me get past the insomnia and gives me something productive to do rather than sitting and ruminating over bad things. i'm going to go in and answer the questions honestly and hope for the best, my niece will be with me throughout the exam, my memory can be a bit spotty and she will help with that. i have a lot of anxiety about the c and p exam, but i always do. i'll be glad when it's over.
  7. https://cck-law.com/va-disability-retro-calculator/ cck-law's retro calculator
  8. i have not seen a retro calculator we do have historical rates for you to calculate your own https://community.hadit.com/va-disability-calculator/ these rates go from 1974-2004 after 2004 the va has it on their site.
  9. Happy Anniversary HadIt.com Veteran to Veteran. 23 years of veterans helping veterans. Thank you brothers and sisters for your support all these years. "Leave No One Behind, Not On A Jungle Trail, Not On A Desert Trail, Not On A Paper Trail" ™
  10. does this help https://www.hullnumber.com/DD-845
  11. it does take awhile to get the letter, sometimes the retroactive pay hits the bank before the letter shows up. you can try generating a benefits letter and see what percentage it lists, you can do this through ebenefits.
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