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  1. when paid retroactively you receive the amount it was paying for each separate year for example 10% paid less in 1997 than it did in 2007 See this chart https://www.hadit.com/va-disability-compensation-rates-historic-for-retro-calculation/
  2. Let's not start fighting with each other. Thats what they would love.
  3. @MikeHunt Does anybody remember that Twilight Zone episode where the aliens show up and give the humans a book and lots of wonderful stuff even trips to their planet. The scientists cannot translate the language of the book only the title "To Serve Man" finally as the scientist starts to board the ship his assistant runs up yelling "Wait, Stop, It's a cook book!" There's a lesson there.
  4. we should all stay tuned and always double check the hype - the devil is in the details.
  5. TDIU Denied or not?

    @Henrici it could mean that I originally applied for IU but they made they moot and awarded me schedular.
  6. @Reality I think these are some excellent points and ones that' I've made myself. I may have felt differently if it had been a list of Mid-Level Managers than over 88 in housekeeping etc. Here's a link to report and totals https://www.hadit.com/va-adverse-actions-staff-july-2017/
  7. @seminoles I got one also but I'm not sure I qualify either, I have wraps for my legs due to lymphedema but it's new to me, would they give me a clothing allowance to buy wraps and compression socks?
  8. @Buck52 Well finding that out is valuable also.
  9. @Buck52 I don't think it gives you more access per se, but it looks like it lets you log in once and then be able to access myhealthvet and ebennies without having to maintain 2 separate log ins. Sign up and check it out - if you do come back and write a post about your experience with it.
  10. That is wonderful news! I am glad to hear it worked for you. The President put this into place recently and I am glad folks are having success with it. The phone line — live now at 855-948-2311 — is designed to “collect, process and respond to the complaints of individual veterans in a responsive, timely and accountable manner,” according to Department of Veterans Affairs officials.
  11. @Andyman73 Most of our successes have come in increments, they initially rated my ptsd as 50% after I got taken off work I applied for unemployability and they ended up giving me scheduler 100%. It ain't fair, but it is the way these things often proceed, please try not to let it spiral you down, it is after all good news. It may feel like you want to scream and shout and throw yourself to the floor and that is ok you just have to remember get back up, get rested and well fed and start back up that hill. Personally I would get so enraged it would take me downs to come down from it, it was very hard to get control of but it was not helpful for the task at hand. I wish you nothing but the best and it hurts to know you are hurting brother, hang in.
  12. check e-benefits and see if there is a copy of the letter there.
  13. @porgee You are right the doctor's letter helps but is not a sure thing or so I've been told.
  14. A BIG Thank You!

    @Rocket1949 Outstanding!