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  1. Have a Testimonial about HadIt.com? Post it here. https://hadit.com/testimonials/ The form is at the bottom of the page. If you feel like writing a testimonial it would be appreciated.
  2. To those who have already given thank you it’s helping. If you can help please do.
  3. Check out this article it might help https://hadit.com/ebenefits-status-messages/
  4. If you had to pay copays you can recoup them back to the effective date
  5. @PEACHES1962 congratulations, enjoy the relief.
  6. I am looking for help...what is the interpretation of this policy by my previous employer: (VA medical center.

    d. It should be noted that if an employee is no longer qualified or able to perform the essential functions of the job, VA is not ordinarily absolved of the duty to provide reasonable accommodation.


    I am trying to justify that the accommodations provided to me were not reasonable accommodations and I was in a "protected environment" during the last years of my employment Provisions made were:

    1.Permanent change of shift until my retirement, not availed to anybody.

    2. Hired another staff( undue cost) to perform the essential part of my job(Lifting and positioning patients)

    3. Let me sleep and let me go home without charging me leave. Any clarification to what it means is appreciated. Thanks

    1. Tbird


      Please post on forums

  7. Wonderful news way to hang in. I hope this gives you some well deserved peace.
  8. I found where a copy is located I've requested the form so i can request a copy. I've informed my counselor where the copy is and asked her to request a copy but so far crickets
  9. Tbird

    100% P&T

    wonderful news Congratulations
  10. yes paypal is our preferred method heres the link https://community.hadit.com/donate/make-donation/
  11. great news congratulations
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