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  1. @Berta I pray you are correct. I will be happy when the actual budget is ready for public viewing so we can see what it is actually going to make it in or out.
  2. A link to any news story being referred to is always very much appreciated. Not everyone is great at searching, so a link provides the ability for the member to read it for themselves, check the source and do further research if necessary or wanted. It saves me time if I want to read the story being referred to. It has nothing to do with the members credibility it's just a good practice when possible to do it.
  3. I hope you hear good news soon.
  4. @abnrgr88 SDI Documentation is really important so make sure they have it all laid out for them I recommend you consult Social Security's Blue Book here, like VA has the schedule for rating disabilities and SSA has their Blue Book. You may also find the site Disability Secrets helpful here's the link.
  5. @abnrgr88 Filing for unemployment would mean you would have to be looking for employment which you can't do because the VA is paying you because your disabilities are so severe to prevent substantial gainful activity i.e. employment. So I think it is a no go, others can chime in.
  6. If they ever extend the program to pre 9/11 veterans I'm pretty sure it will have a very tight eligibility like if you don't need to me institutionalized you aren't eligible. That is just my opinion.
  7. From the VA Caregiver Site Here Answering NO to the following question may indicate that you do not meet eligibility requirements for the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers: Were you injured in the line of duty on or after 9/11/2001? Answering YES to any of the following questions may indicate you do not meet eligibility requirements for the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers: Are you working without any accommodations or assistance? Are you attending school or a training program without assistance? Are you able to travel alone? Could you be more independent if you had training or equipment? If you needed to, can you manage things yourself but prefer help? Do your doctors or other providers believe your symptoms would improve or you could be more independent with additional treatment or specific interventions? Is it safe for you to be alone for more than a couple hours? Can you care for your children without help? Are you living in a separate household from the person who would be your caregiver? Is the person who would be your caregiver also disabled or in need of someone to assist him/her?
  8. You can click on your name in any post and then look for the option to Find my content and click that. Here's yours https://community.hadit.com/profile/10003-treysnonna/content/
  9. I saw the below on Stateside Legal's site and thought I'd share. Are you a man who has experienced unwanted sexual contact or touching? You are not alone. Join an anonymous online forum and hear from other men who have had experiences with unwanted sexual contact. See the attached handout and Safe HelpRoom for more information. http://statesidelegal.org/safe-helproom-sessions-military-men-0
  10. @jfrei If you are eligible then by all means apply. If you served after 9/11 you can apply, unfortunately if you served before 9/11 you cannot receive it. I understand completely what you are saying I had many years like that. I have arranged my life with the help of my unpaid niece who runs interference for me so I don't become overwhelmed. She gets me to all my appointments, I see her just about everyday and she notices if I seem to be getting off track. She is a god send, I wish I could get on the caregiver program but I'm not post 9/11. Just so you know I have talked to many veterans with PTSD who has a spouse or family member doing the exact same thing for them as your wife does for you. You are not alone.
  11. @Buck52 You cockeyed optimist :-)
  12. We will have to stay vigilant on this issue it may come up again. Here's what Secretary Shulkin said during the congressional hearing. He refers to unemployability as unemployment insurance, nowhere in the law does it refer to it as unemployment insurance. I find this a troublesome definition. https://www.c-span.org/video/?429945-1/va-secretary-shulkin-testifies-fy-2018-budget&start=1214# Unemployability Excerpt starts at 00:53:03
  13. @OSC(SW) Retired Outstanding!
  14. @IMEF-Gunny You are not alone. I've been a few groups over the last 20+ years and it has been my experience that when folks go around the room talk about their experience by the time to get to me I really feel that I've got nothing compared to them I sit there horrified and ashamed of my trauma because everyone seems to have had it so much worse. This is not necessarily true but that is how you feel - you deserve the help that is available the Vet Center was a real God send for me. If you don't want to apply for compensation you don't have to but do get the help, I'm actually having a nice little life now with the help of therapy and family love something that I thought would never be possible.