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  1. With fertility, you need the same basic things as with all claims: The Caluza elements of: 1. Current diagnosis (infertilitiy) 2. In service event or aggravation. 3. Nexus or doc opinion that your infertilitiy was at least as likely as not caused by your in service event. However, "loss of use of a reproductive organ" would USUALLY be tied with some other service connected injury. SMC K (loss of use of a reproductive organ) is about 104.00 per month, unless you have something else with it that is Sc.
  2. You have been spending "too much time" on ebenefits..with the expected result: Worry. I suggest worrying about something else..like your house falling into a sinkhole this evening. Or, you could just try not worrying at all. Ebenefits, plus $10 will get you a cup of coffee at almost any place in town. Or, you can get coffee for $5 or less in most places without Ebenefits. Sometimes VA removes dependents. The reason is they think all Vets will abandon their kids and spouse after they get on drugs and alcohol if they have not already done so. If VA removes your dependents, send back in the form again, so VA can lose it again. Every time I go to VA they ask me if I drink, smoke, take drugs, etc. and my answer is consitently no. Of course, they dont beleive me, because everyone knows all Vets drink, take drugs, and abandon their spouse and kids, right? For me, they are 0 out of 4 correct.
  3. Welcome to hadit. Your posts are "hidden" because we do that to prevent spam. After you have posted about a half dozen posts or so, and you dont do things like put up links to porn sites, then Tbird will take you off the trial membership, where posts are "hidden" until a moderator, such as myself, approves them. Its nothing against you, everyone new gets their posts hidden until they kinda show they are posting Vets issues, and not using hadit for spam or scams. We welcome Vets with their questions, but we dont permit political talk, or advertising stuff. (Its ok if you post a link to things that will help Vets...you know, like maybe an attorney's site that represents Veteran claimants, such as this one: https://www.vetadvocates.org/cpages/sustaining-members-directory You probably dont need an attorney now, but if you get denied, that is a different story. Most of the time, I approve posts as soon as I read them. One time, a poster put up a link to where to purchase FAKE id's, and I immediately deleted the post. You dont want to be insulting other hadit members. Its ok to disagree with them, many times there are disagreements on how to best proceed with VA benefits. For example, there may be disagreement on whether or not to file a CUE, a NOD, etc., etc. Its okay to have a different opinion from the moderator or others. But name calling is rarely justified. We dont call each other "stupid" because we disagree with them. For example, well respected member, Berta, suggests filing a CUE much more than I do. She is very smart, and very, very good at helping Vets. Sometimes I do tell her why I would not recommend a CUE, but I dont tell her that is stupid. I may give my reasons why I think filing a nod is better than a CUE, and she may post hers. I was on another Vets website years ago, and there were cat and dog fights. One of the moderators was a former VA employee, so he thought he knew everything and you were an idiot for not agreeing with him. We have some posters here with EXTENSIVE experience at VA. We have had several attorney's post here, Alex Graham is a "non attorney" practioner (Vets representative who is not an attorney). And Berta...gee...she sometimes provides evidence to Congress, (if I remember right). Neither Berta nor Alex need a law degree..they site VA regulations from memory. Ask them what 38 CFR 3.156 C is..they will know immediately, without even looking it up.
  4. I recommend doing as this says, below, also. That is, fill out the 526 EZ also. Remember, the Va wont hold accountable anyone on the phone, or in person, whether they are a VA employee, VSO, or whatever, accountable. You have to pay for their mistakes, so do it as it says: https://www.benefits.va.gov/BENEFITS/Applying.asp Yes, you can still recieve 100 percent comp and Aid and Attendance. However, if your A and A was caused by "something other" than SC conditions, you probably wont get any more. The good news is that SMC is inferred..when you meet the critieria...so you may get retro pay, BUT, you will likely have to fight VA for it tooth and nail, as always. So dont be suprised if you were eligible for A and A in 2005, but they give you the date of the exam in 2019, instead of 2005, hornswaggling you out of tens of thousands of retro. Its what they do best.
  5. Ok, it sounds like there is a form you can give your doctor, and thats good, but you still need to "apply" at the VA. Dont send just the docs form only, also file. Ptsd Vets can get a and a, provided that they meet the criteria, above.
  6. Ok. As always, you need the 3 Caluza elements for service connection. Get these, and you get SC, without any one of them, you get a denial. (You may get a denial even with them, but that should be overturned on appeal). 1. Current diagnosis of PTSD/MST etc. This must be made by a VA doc, neither your sister nor your mother can diagnose you unless they have a medical degree. 2. In service event. This could be documented with the records you indicated..that the offender went to jail. 3. Nexus, or doctors opinion that your current diagnosis is "at least as likely as not" related to "the event in service". Focus on these, most of the rest of the stuff is "noise". After you get sc, then you need documentation of "symptoms" for a rating. These are your current and past symptoms. The VA does not compensate you for the trauma you experienced, but rather, the symptoms you experience. A PTSD diagnosis is very important. Check your records for that.
  7. Maybe. Check the criteria, below, and see how much, if any, of this applies to YOU. You can apply online, send an application to VA (Janesville), or get a VSO to help you. Its found in 38 CFR 3.352 If you feel you dont meet the above critieria, then you can still apply for SMC S (housebound) if you are "substantially confined" to your premesis.
  8. I will suggest some attorneys Im familiar with: Chris Attig, Attig Steele CCK law Hill and Ponton Or, pick from here: https://www.vetadvocates.org/cpages/sustaining-members-directory
  9. What you posted looks like a VARO decision, its not a proposed reduction. However, this does suggest you got (a proposed reduction). Since they did it at the same time as an increase (PTSD), maybe they hoped you would not notice.
  10. This is called an "independent medical opinion" where a doc reviews your records and renders an opinion on them. There are multiple choices..Dr. Anise, Dr. Bash, and, even Dr. Ellis may do IMO's. Did you ask him? Again, you dont have to travel to Oaklahoma, just send him your records and he can make an opinion based on that, including a nexus. However, I checked and Lupus is on the "presumptive" list. This means you dont need a nexus provided that you met the criteria, which normally means exposure to Agent Orange or some Gulf war Vets. For more info on presumptives, go here: http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/vapresumptivelist.html If VA failed to rate you for Lupus and you qualify with the requisite service (VN, gulf war, etc), then its clear error for VA to not consider your presumptive. In that case you dont need an IMO, you may need an attorney or a great representative to appeal or file a CUE. We can also help you with that, but we need to know if you were overseas, and what period of time.
  11. You posted: Do you have this paperwork? The VA has to give you a proposed reduction...as well as a right to a hearing..or its cue. Maybe the "information" they "asked for" was a proposed reduction?? Of course, the first step is to get your entire cfile to know exactly what is going on. You indicated you "filed for TDIU". Did one or more of your doctors opine that you are unable to maintain SGE due to SC conditions??? It seems best to take a multi faceted approach: File for an increase on PTSD, increase on Gerd, increase on hiatial hernia. Sometimes the things "we predict" will win beneifts are not the case and its something else.
  12. If you read this over, you can probably find your answer: http://www.danaise.com/understanding-rating-for-knee-injury/
  13. Of course, they dont care if we understand the logic or not. However, take the hint: If they are asking for clarification of the fibromyalgia, give that to them or expect to be denied.
  14. There may be "overlap" of symptoms between the arthritis and meniscal tear. Example: Pain in your knee. This could be caused by either, or both. Maybe for loss of ROM, also. Pyramiding prevents you from being paid for the same symptoms twice. In other words, if you are getting paid for "pain"in your knee from arthritis, you probably wont get paid again for pain in the knee from meniscal tear. You see this with mental health disorders a lot. You could have multiple diagnosis..PTSD, depresstion, bipolar, schizo, etc. HOwever you will only get compensated for "1" set of symptoms, even if they are caused both from depression and bipolar, for example. Go ahead and appeal, but I would not be suprised if pyramiding prevents you from getting paid for both.
  15. Business as usual for the VA. The VA gets caught lying by the VAOIG, and then they promise to stop lying any more. And they wonder why Veterans dont trust the VA??? This kind of thing is not new, and usually will happen again. Remember the similar scandal where VA lied about the wait times to get an appointment and Veterans died waiting? So, what did they do? They gave VA more money, of course. This is proof "more money" wont stop VA from lying to us.
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