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  1. Its a tough call. On one hand, the AMA is streamlined and more efficient, (eliminating the SOC, and certification to the board by the VARO). However, there are less and less legacy appeals, as they are not making them anymore. (If you have a VARO decision today, staying in Legacy is not an option). If it were me, I would go with AMA BECAUSE, it just seems like it delays you more to have to deal with the Regional Office mandate of filing the SOC. Also, I see little value to the Veteran of the SOC.
  2. You are limited when you purchase the "free" life insurance. My idea was to maximize the value of the free insurance and to select the plan with the highest premium as it would build cash faster. Higher premium per 1000 dollars face insurance generally means it builds cash value faster. I settled on the 20 payment life as it was the highest premium/ fastest cash building available at the time. The 20 payment life means you "pay" for 20 years, then the policy "matures" and no more payments need to be made. In other words, you own the insurance after 20 years, like buying a home and fi
  3. I have the insurance (10,000 free) and have had it since 2007. While I can "not" promise it will be the same today, here is how it went down with me: Since I had a "new" disability, I appllied for, and got the 10,000 in insurance "and also" got the waiver of premiums at about the same time. Now, at that time I was "NOT" 100 percent, but only 40 percent and "still got the waiver" at 40 percent. A possible reason is I was "on pension", and "pension assumes" you cant work, but does not require service connection to get it. As with "all" insurance in my state (Insurance is regulated
  4. I cant say that I have. However, I have read "a bit" and "if" you have the Caluza elements, you should get SC. Did your doctor indicate that your eczema was "at least as likely as not" related to your PTSD? If so, then you are good to go. If not, its likely you will need a nexus, similar to the one I mentioned above for SC. Its pretty simple: Get the Caluza elements and Get Service connected.
  5. Congratulations. Yes, your benefits "are the same as" 100 percent schedular..pay and most other things as well. Since you are P and T, be sure to get "the other" benefits to which you are now entitled: 1. 10,000 free life insurance. https://www.va.gov/life-insurance/ 2. State benefits. These vary by state. In my state you get free camping, free license plate, free hunting and fishing license, and a reduction (or elimination) of property tax. You must apply for those. 3. Champva. This is the best insurance for your spouse and dependents money cant buy. Have your w
  6. Your answer should be found in 38 CFR 3.156 (C) "New Service Records". Yes, its my opinion you should get the 2013 effective date but that makes 2 assumptions which may or may not be correct: Assumption number 1. You applied in 2013. Assumption nuber 2. The medical evidence supported that you were "diagnosed with" and had a nexus supporting service connection for tinnitus. Assuming the above 2 are correct, then I agree your effective date should be 2013, but I do agree with broken soldier an increase of an additional 10 percent "may or may not" increase your compensati
  7. Allow me to explain. As I mentioned, you get the first 10,000 free, when you meet the eligibility criteria. And, yes, you can buy more insurance "beyond" the 10,000. But there is controversy if the VA life insurance is any cheaper than life insurance available on the private market. I found a price comparison to be cheaper than some, more than others. IT is true, that some people in poor health are not eligible for many life insurance policies. But, you can always get something called "guaranteed Issue" life insurance, even if you expect to die in the next week. But, it wont do yo
  8. A C and P is not "required" and normally not ordered "provided that" there is already evidence in the file. You can view the medical file and see if a doctor has documented sufficient evidence demonstrating symptoms have worsened since he was rated (the exam which gave his current disability rating). However, if the medical file does not indicate sufficient medical evidence, then you will need that. This evidence does not have to come from a VA doctor..any doctor or medical professional competent and qualified to asses this Vetrans medical condition will suffice.
  9. My doctor prescribed a vitamin for my tinnitus. (Zinc). It seemed to help some. Excess ear wax can exacerbate tinnitus. A few drops of Olive Oil in your ear may help that. Source: https://www.tinnitus.org.uk/7-home-remedies-for-ringing-in-the-ears I would advise trying "non pharmaceutal" treatments FIRST, such as nutrition therapy, ear wax reduction, noise reduction, etc. But there are meds to treat it: https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/understanding-tinnitus-treatment#1 Vitamins: https://www.miracle-ear.com/blog-news/vitamins-for-ear-health Th
  10. From: Berry law firm: For more information: https://ptsdlawyers.com/blog/how-reservists-can-get-va-disability-compensation/?inf_contact_key=8714769f3a7c1fe23d4d1df1e3cf1bb0
  11. I usually review the BVA chairmans report, each time it comes out. (Every year). Why? https://www.bva.va.gov/Chairman_Annual_Rpts.asp 1. It helps me choose "which" appeal method I will use: BVA, HLR, SCL. On page 32, 2019 version, I read that 20.6 percent, overall, of Veterans appeals are denied by the BVA. I already know that about 80 percent of claims are denied at the VARO. So, do you want a 20 percent chance of winning (at the VARO), or an 80 percent chance at the BOARD? 2. It helps me decide whether to hire an attorney or not. If you look, also on Page 32, Attorne
  12. But of course, hamslice! You are spot on. We all know that many, many people scam the elderly out of money. Car dealers, medical insurance, telephone solicitors, telephone scammers, in person scams, letter scams...so why not our government get into the act? Remember, VA does it to us at every turn. For example, why does a 10 percent disabled Veteran "NOT" get 300 per month, and instead gets about 100 per month? Oh, they rounded those numbers down..for years...until its way, way unfairly balanced NOT in favor of Veterans. A 50 percent Vet should get 1500 per month, half of a 100 percent
  13. "If" you are disabled by VA and "do not" have the 10,000 VA life insurance, at no cost to you, you should get it ASAP, if eligible. Follow the links to see if you are eligible: https://www.va.gov/life-insurance/ Also, if you have your 10,000 VA life insurance, its also like a bank account you can draw on. As an example, if you have had the 10,000 life insurance for 10 years, you could withdraw (that is get a "loan" from your life insurance proceeds) for $1000 or more. Yes, you would pay interest on the loan, "but" you would never have to pay it back (the amount borrowed, plus int
  14. Yes, file for an increase on each of those you think got worse. If you are not working, you can also file for TDIU at the same time. Finally, you can consider filing secondaries, especially if, for example, your doctor says your kidney failure is related to your diabetes. I would do it sooner rather than later. Also, have you helped protect your family with your free life insurance (10,000)? If not contact the VA life insurance, and consider applying. I got my 10,000 a little over 10 years ago, and I could sell my life insurance policy (cash out) for about half of the face amount.
  15. That sounds like a reduction to me, and, if VA did not follow procedure required to reduce you, you (likely), you should be able to get it back upon appeal.
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