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  1. broncovet

    How to get a straight answer on Grant ?

    Berta has said that if you dont have PTSD, you will get it dealing with VA. I concur. I have never been so frustrated for so long in my life as I have with VA. The way the VA treats Vets is reason why that more Vets take their lives every day, than die in most wars. (Somewhere around 17 Vets per day take their own life.) . The VA first "looks for glitches". If they cant find one, they make one. Finally, if they cant find a glitch, cant even "make" a glitch, then they make something else up to delay you.
  2. broncovet

    C&P Exam Copy

    Maybe not. Can you go to the VAMC where the docs did the exam, go to the Release of information office and request them? At my VAMC, you can "walk out" with a few pages of medical records right away, but other VAMC's may be different. Other than that, you cant get the c and p exams. Since the VA paid for them, they own them, and are allowed to take their sweet time with everything.
  3. broncovet


    Im confused. Earlier you posted: Then you said you "havent received actual approval letter". Most of us dont like to "speculate" on what ebenefits says. Its like speculating on who will win the superbowl in 2020. So did you get the award letter or not?
  4. You have to understand the difference between "lay" evidence and medical evidence. For example, you can not provide your own diagnosis, nor can you provide your own nexus. Both of these have to be provided by a medical professional, and you must have, or be able to obtain, the same. What you mentioned was lay evidence. A "layperson" can testify about some things...for example, your buddies can testify you snored in service. You dont need a medical degree to hear and describe snoring. That testimony could provide an "in service event or aggravation". Buck went over the Caluza elements required for service. You can check your own records to see if they are documented. Since you mentioned you are unemployable, you will likewise need a doctor to state you are unable to maintain substantial gainful employement due to SC conditions, but it sounds like that is a ways off. The VA does not like it "one and done", but instead, they chop your claim up into mulitple pieces. Service connection is often denied. Then you have to fight for disability percentage. Then you fight again for TDIU, and, again for effective date. Its not unusual to have to appeal multiple, multiple times on different issues.
  5. broncovet

    How to get a straight answer on Grant ?

    Relax. After a BVA award letter, your claim has to be implemented by the VARO. I guess you got the BVA letter in October, or are you speculating from ebenefits? Typically that takes 3 months or so. Its unlikely you can get a progress report. Yes, I know you need the money..and probably want it before Christmas. Maybe Santa will come early.
  6. broncovet


    It sounds like they forgot to send you a DTA letter. Nothing to worry about.
  7. It sounds like one of many errors VA makes. It sounds like you should just keep going to the same VAMC.
  8. You have to wait for the envelope, and then appeal if you dispute the effective date.
  9. There is a difference between A and A and SMC S. Yes, its CUE for VA to not consider SMC, when eligible for it. You aren't supposed to have to apply for SMC...the effective date is the date you met the criteria for SMC. This sounds like an "on the ball" VSO..most of them avoid CUE like the plague.
  10. broncovet


    Yes. Ebenefits, especially the date, is unreliable. The software to estimate the date probably preceded RAMP. Interestly, I also "ramped" on August 7. So we can keep track, theoretically, they should process at nearly the same time.
  11. Good answer, toddt. I was thinking the same thing. It would be a security risk..a virus could be on the disk, or even a key logger.
  12. broncovet


    Yes, it sounds like an eed claim. You need to file a nod disputing the effecitve date if you have not done so already. As to whether or not it will succeed, this would take a review of your file to know. Its possible you can get a Fenderson (staged) rating.
  13. broncovet


    As far as the "signature required" it probably means they need a release of medical information. (Your signature). "Secondary action". It may mean you need a secondary nexus, that is a doctors statement to the effect that Your leg pain is at least as likely as not caused by your sc back issue. Do you have this nexus? Its probably not gonna happen without you doing something to make it happen.
  14. broncovet

    CUE Granted, EED Partial

    Read your medical file for that lost "14" years. Try to find an exam where you reported worsening symptoms. Isnt it just like VA to "grant" you a CUE at 0%? Since this is a massive amount of money, take it to a lawyer. You will wind up getting one anyway, because GS7 raters dont have the authority to award documents that result in 100k retro. That will need to be done by a judge.
  15. File for an increase. 45% speech discrimination should net you a very big increase, maybe 100 percent.

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