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  1. This has helped me since 2009 and am glad I found it as I have also started to share my trauma experiences in the social tread recommended by my therapist as we are shielded from our identity. Not sure how long until I delete it but for the moment it is up for those who maybe I interested and sharing their own. Anyways I’m glad I was able to find this site and will donate when I’m financially stable.
  2. From my understanding you have to be not working for your premiums to be paid. But by all means apply I could be wrong.
  3. View All Your Content view-all-your-content.mp4 View Members About Me if they filled it out, if not it will not appear. view-about-me-on-members-profile.mp4
  4. I wish my content tab would go all then back to when I started this site not just the year. I also would like a tab that could look at another users all his/her content going to when they started this site. also add the about me to our profile. For some reason you can fill it out but is not visible
  5. Bronco Thanks. I wasn’t trying to call you out. I just couldn’t remember exactly what you said in your post. The only thing I do remember is that since your sleep apnea didn’t count towards the 100/60 you should have not bothered filing the claim. Vync Thank you for the links
  6. My assumption would be yes if it is not in remission but I’m sure others will chime in to help.
  7. Response from my attorney You can count secondary conditions towards the 100/60 plus requirement for smcs – any service-connected condition can count toward either part- 1) being a single disability that is 100% disabling or 2) being part of additional ratings that combine to 60% or more Bronco This is conflicting with your other post that you can’t count secondaries. Where or who told you that you can’t?
  8. Bronco How did you discover this information and what ever happened to your appeal with smcs ?
  9. Thank you dustoff for your reply. Yes I am definitely going to follow my attorneys advice. It’s just so hard after 19 years doing my claim to just stop but I need to have trust in my attorney.
  10. Sorry I just realized it is too late to submit anything new and relevant.
  11. In addition my attorney believes I don’t need a vocational expert opinion but I do. I just want to put the final nail in the coffin to shut them up. What are your thoughts on getting a vocational expert opinion stating that I can’t maintain substantial gainful employment due solely to my mental health at 70 or 100 percent. P.S. All my evidence is due 11/2/23. Do I have time to schedule and complete a exam? Can my attorney absolutely confirm my case will be successful. Therefore I would like to spend the 500-600 dollars to ensure my case.
  12. Andy man congratulations on your cue. I’m now filing my first cue. If you want you can look at my post below.
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